Instructions on how to get a BMW OL incentive - 2021 Ultimate Drive Events UDE

I’ve found a link that has worked for two locations now. Still testing out some other dealerships. Stand by…

Alright, it’s

You may need to get creative with the dealer site because it may not exactly be their normal site, e.g. could be

I’ve found several of them now both in California and Colorado so it should be working. Some of them already have registration closed but it’s worth a shot.

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Bro, that link doesn’t work either

Broheim, brosephus maximus, broski…what can we do?


Here’s a few freebies:

Ain’t that hard to try gents


Thanks! Snagged a couple!

That’s awesome!

thank you, genius.

wow great info. finally got myself an OL code

Thanks. Got my OL code. Super. Didn’t even have to leave the couch unlike @Ursus who actually had to drink dealer coffee

Click away boys. It’s raining $1k certificates. Please post any other links that are working.

Can Ol code stack with conquest bonus?

This hack is even better than the famous @chrispbacon hack. Thanks :pray: so much @blitz

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Keep in mind the dealer is totally entitled to verify if you attended said event. It’s up to their discretion when it comes to accepting these codes.

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74 times as of now…SEVENTY FOUR TIMES!

Hope in humanity is lost forever.

PS. I found if you click first with the right click, then hold the left click while moving the mouse to the left side of the computer, the link finally opens.

For me - holding right click for 10 seconds over the link and then moving down while keeping hold of right button worked.

Sometimes you need to restart your computer

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I tried all of the suggestions above from the genius @mp11477, @Ursus and @max_g and nothing worked. I am beginning to think there is yet another trick to clicking the link

Keep in mind I will only buy from a dealer that is willing to play ball. For the Lunar New Year OL, some dealers on East Coast were accepting the West coast codes etc etc …

It is because your parents bribed someone to get you to wherever college you went to.

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