Inspection of far-away vehicle?

Hey all, looking at a vehicle (to purchase/finance, not lease) that is 6-7 hours away – price, year, and mileage are all excellent, but (of course) Carfax notes a rear-end accident that was moderate, disabling, requiring tow. Title is clean and no frame damage is noted.

Is there any good way to have the vehicle independently inspected from afar? Any mechanic service that can get the car from the dealer, do a full inspection, and return it to them (at which point I’d head south and buy if it checks out)? And would a dealer typically allow this (appears to be an independent dealer, not a brand/factory dealership)?

Thanks for any insight.

I purchased a used SLK a number of years back in the same situation. I placed a deposit on the vehicle, pre-coordinated with a local mechanic, and the dealer drove the vehicle to the mechanic for me. They had no problem doing it.

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There are mobile inspection services also.

I’ve never used one, but the people who bought a car I sold in February declined to purchase a similar vehicle ~350 miles away in Phoenix after getting the inspector’s report.

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I found my mobile one on Yelp.


Unless you plan to drive this thing until it becomes a 4 dollar figure vehicle, abort mission now.


I have heard of people using

Often times forums specific to the brand or vehicle have regional sub-forums that can help direct you to a reputable shop for a PPI. That said @max_g hit the nail on the head.


Yes, this seems to be a good option I’d been considering – thank you.