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Tax credits are back in play for April!
Programs are a little worse but Costco certificates still eligible.

Where we are
  • North and Central Texas. (Deals available nationwide)
  • Take note: These are base model prices, option packages will result in higher cost. Various trim levels and colors available and or can be dealer traded for a fee.

  • Deposit and approved credit will be required for dealer trades. This is not negotiable.

  • All quotes assume full incentive eligibility, and Elite or better credit (700+ FICO’s) with no derogatory/delinquency.

  • Self or assisted shipping arrangements options can be provided if you cannot pick up in person at the selling dealer.

  • If you desire a sign and drive ($0 DAS), the dealership deposit is refunded at signing/delivery. Otherwise, the deposit will be credited to drive-off

  • We will also collect our service fee ($498) upfront on agreement – If you must cancel due to non-credit related issues, this and all other deposits will be forfeited in their entirety. (Credit related cancellations will receive a 50% refund of service fee)

e-tron Quattro


Trim Starting At
Premium Base $469/$2,500 DAS (while lender tax credits last)
Premium Plus $549/$2,500 DAS (while lender tax credits last)
Prestige $619/$2,500 DAS (while lender tax credits last)

The easiest way to get started is to fill out our form so that we have your basic information:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When completed, shoot us an email at insight.auto.consulting@gmail.com!


Can you get similar deals in S. Florida? Or only TX?

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How about the q7 premium plus 55 edition? I know costco has a $2000 incentive near 77477; also additonal $1500 according to edmunds.

Great question!

I can extend this same offer (using applicable rebate) to the Q7 as well! As a reminder for Audi: If it’s not posted, ask!

Here’s something fun. Specific pricing available statewide Texas, can ship OOS however registration and tax will be at your prevailing rate.

Q8 55 Quattro


Trim Starting At
Premium Plus $871/$2,500 DAS

The easiest way to get started is to fill out our form so that we have your basic information:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When completed, shoot us an email at insight.auto.consulting@gmail.com!

Went home with my E-Tron thanks to IAC this week. Everything was a breeze with no games too. I was in/out of the dealership in less than an hour. It is so easy to get burned on leases in Texas with poor taxes, etc… but he put me together a 10+ year Leasehackr score on a 24 month lease. Love that big time!


On track to exhaust lender tax credits (TX buyers only) by mid week, folks. Smoke them if you’ve got them!

Does this deal include sportsback models?

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Sportback incentives are pretty sad atm but I can run a quote for you if you’d like.

Crunch time folks. Tax credits are exhausted for the month however we still have great discounts available!

11% pre incentive on:



10% pre incentive on:


e-tron SUV
e-tron Sportback

2020 S8: SOLD

$498 service fee on any unit. As always: if you don’t see it here? Ask!

This is great! I’m loving the prices on the e-tron you posted, will definitely reach out when my lease is up. Wife already wants a prestige for the seats and air fragrance. haha

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Throwing out another bone on a fresh arrival A6 P+

Includes Texas sales tax, must have valid and current Costco membership for certificate. Term shown is 7,500mi and based on 700+ (T2 or better) approval.


Yours for:

Feel like I’m getting a bad quote here. Any insight greatly appreciated. 2021 E-Tron P+ w/ Black Optics ($79,175 MSRP) - $2k down, $650/mo, 36 mos., 10k miles. Includes $2k Costco discount. Seems way too high.

That does sound a little high, I did the same car for $599 first and max SD’s (would have landed at ~$660 w just first.)

Send me the worksheet and i’ll check it out.

Updated April numbers for etron – other lines also available and coming soon.

Here’s special pricing on a Prestige that could use some spring cleaning!


Yours for:


Get it:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When completed, shoot us an email at insight.auto.consulting@gmail.com!

Any A6 deals in dfw ?

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How about q7 P+. What are they for tx buyer.

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Any recent april etron hackers from TX. Pls post your numbers.

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Got several pending ATM but if you’re looking for one, lemme know.