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Yes I did last night

I also pm’ed you

Is the Feb sheet up somewhere? We’re halfway through the month.

I’m interested in 4 series Gran Coupe! Please let me know on any great deals out there in Texas. I’m Austin based.

Any irresistible BMW Z4 deals in TX?

I messaged both of you, @dapperdood and @Egan_md.

How well/bad are the new 2020 BMW 840 gran coupes leasing?

There are no incentives, except for $3,000 for loyalty. The residual is 55% at 10k miles. It is one of the few models that can be leased at 7,500 miles, so the residual would be 56%.

Hi, im from Dallas. do you have deals for X3 Phytonic Blue Metallic? thinking about a lease

Hi, please either message us or e-mail us - insight.auto.consulting and ashleigh.insightauto, both @gmail.com. Thanks!

Just sent a follow up to my last email. Hoping to hear from you.

Got a good one ready to cap off the month. Let’s get it gone!

‘19 BMW 230i MSport
MSRP: $43,900
SP: $36,900 before incentives (15.9%)
Rebates available: $3,250 lease cash, $750 loyalty, OL code accepted if you have one.
Location: North Texas
Broker fee: $349

Outside Texas, add your reg fees and tax rate. Shipping optional.

In Texas:


This car is BRAND-NEW, not a loaner!


This car is sold!

I’ll be posting some other deals today, tomorrow, etc. Stay tuned but feel free to message us (please use @iac for brokering requests) for any specific cars you’re interested in leasing.

Change the title to March.

I planned on doing that when I posted deals later. I have to do that now?

Do you happen to have a spreadsheet with all the available cars? Thanks.

Hi, I’m going to be making one. Making a spreadsheet is actually really time-consuming. If there’s something in particular you’d like, just ask!

Nope, just thought it made sense since it’s March now.


Please update the word in your post to “thought”

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