Insight Auto - MARYLAND/VA 2019 BMW X3 M40i $64k - grab it!

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We have a car located in MARYLAND. This car is best for Maryland or Virginia buyers. I had it quoted for a buyer who disappeared, so his loss is your gain! The X3 M40i is pretty limited in stock right now, and finding one with Cognac interior is even harder!

2019 X3 M40i – Black with Cognac Interior – $64,000 MSRP

36/10 (add $16 monthly for 36/12)
Incentives: $2,250 lease + $1,250 Loyalty (add $15 to monthly with conquest and no loyalty)
$598 + tax per month with $2,000 at signing (first plus fees)

Calculator (add your tax to this, please):

$440 broker fee

Harman/Kardon Sound
Driving Assistance Package
Executive Package
Premium Package
20" Wheels M Double-Spoke Bi-Color




$699/month for a 2019 X3, is that correct? I’m not sure how well recepted this will be here based on what else is out there. Maybe I’m missing something

First of all, it’s 36/12, not 36/10. It’s quoted without loyalty, is a $64,000 build, and it includes VA tax, which is 4.15% of the selling price (over $2,000). It’s 14% off MSRP.

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Not a $45,000 barebones special. If this is what you’re looking for though let us know and we can see about finding you one.


I realize it’s well optioned, however there are many 2020 well optioned vehicles with better financials. Now the post says $598/month instead of $699. Maybe I was right…Or I was at least able to get the buyer ~15% off! :thinking:

You guys should just use your shared broker account in your Marketplace threads. You only confuse people by replying from your personal accounts. And that liking of your own posts is really something :grin:


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Does it have rear heated seats?

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I really need to find a “like” buddy who will like all my posts and vice versa. Or maybe I should create a separate account for that :joy:

Also, this is the ideal spec for the X3 M40i, imo. Contains most of the goodies which are useful (360 camera, hud, upgraded sound, blind spot)


It’s a great spec indeed.

And having a like buddy isn’t hard. Give some love, take some love.

Sorry no rear heated.

Heated rear seats are only an add-on option in the executive and premium packages, so to get them, it would generally need to be custom-ordered. It has a heated steering wheel and heated front seats, though!


Yeah I know, it’s very hard to find the rear heated seats. This one checks the other boxes though.


Please let us know ASAP. There’s definitely been interest in the car!

Is the MF higher than normal because it’s a 2019?

No, it’s generally how you can get a dealer to give a larger discount – it’s a trade-off, but the monthly is still lower than it would be with a lower MF and a lower discount (trust me; I worked the numbers). When a dealer isn’t in a high-volume market, it’s their way of not losing a ton of money. You can always lower the MF by using some MSDs if you’d like. Conversely, a percent or so difference in discount and a change of 0.0002 in the MF generally yield the same payment.

I lowered the discount by 1% and lowered the MF by 0.0002. You can see it’s actually $1 higher, all else the same:

Just as an FYI lease cash is 2750 on the 2019 X3m40i!

That’s weird. I have $2,250.


Must be a regional difference.

BMW site has 2750 for DC!