InSight Auto Consulting (Review and Introduction Thread)

Hello Everyone,

First, We (@electric and @AP919) want to thank everyone so far who’s taken a chance on the new kid on the block.
Without your business and vote of confidence, we would not be pursuing this venture past the occasional friends and family deal.

If you’ve arrived here, you might wonder if this is a new broker. The only “new” here is that @electric has moved his broker account to this handle and there are two of us working on it, but there aren’t any other changes. You can see this at the old thread: InSight Auto Consulting, brought to you by Electric (Review and Introduction Thread).

As he is known as a BMW expert, it should be fairly obvious that we specialize in BMW leasing and buying, but we are open to trying our hand at other brands given the opportunity and a little extra lead time.

How we operate:

  • Information is the strongest negotiating tool we possess: As such, we try to make ourselves aware of all factors in a deal regarding the car, its lease/buy parameters, its buyer, and its seller. All the pieces matter.
  • Competing offers are welcome and encouraged.
  • We collect when you collect: If there’s no deal, there’s no charge.

Why won’t you take my deal?

  • Insufficient Information…
  • You’re being unreasonable.

We both have a Monday to Friday day/evening jobs but are almost always accessible (Vacation and family outings are the major exceptions), and will make an effort to respond quickly and accurately. If we feel that we cannot help you or if it makes better sense to work with someone else, we’re always happy to guide you in the right direction.

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


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You should clarify “we” here for all to know, @AP919


I was writing it quickly before leaving work!

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Fixed, @Ursus. Happy now? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wanted to throw a review in here really quick. I worked with Ashleigh over the past couple days on 3 deals for family/family friends. She had some fantastic pricing on some X5s, was incredibly responsive to requests, and a pleasure to deal with. They ended up not wanting to wait for something to ship from out of state, so we didn’t get to see the deals all the way through to the end, but I have no doubt the rest of the process would have been as smooth as the start.


Thank you! I’ll be posting those X5 deals on the deals thread when I get home. Who wants a new (not demo or loaner) 2019 X5 for nearly 14% off before incentives?