Insight Auto Consulting (IAC) Reviews - Broker Serving Southern, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions - We ship!

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Insight Auto Consulting - IAC

Hello Everyone,

First, we want to thank everyone so far who took a chance on the new kid on the block when we were first starting out.
Without your business and vote of confidence, we would not have been able to pursue this venture past the occasional friends and family deal.

  • Region(s) serviced: We specialize in Texas deals, but outside of Texas, we have relationships with dealerships in the mid-Atlantic, South, and West, with the option to ship and pull inventory nation-wide.
  • Vehicle brands sold: BMW (also have Volvo contacts)
  • Fee amount or fee range: $498-598 depending on brand and specific promotions.
  • Clear instructions on how to be reached:
    * Email:
  • Number of months/years in business: Operating since June 2019 (individually on LH since early 2018)

We broker both cars that are listed deals as well as specific requests. We receive A LOT of requests, so we may not list that many deals. **Please fill out our form for requests; they are answered in the order received:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

How we operate:

  • Information is the strongest negotiating tool we possess: As such, we try to make ourselves aware of all factors in a deal regarding the car, its lease/buy parameters, its buyer, and its seller. All the pieces matter.
  • Competing offers are welcome and encouraged.

Why won’t you take my deal?

  • Insufficient Information.
  • You’re being unreasonable i.e. certain cars at a certain price are never attainable, especially in states such as TX and MD that tax 6+% on the selling price of a car.

We both have a Monday to Friday day/evening jobs but are almost always accessible (Vacation and family outings are the major exceptions), and will make an effort to respond quickly and accurately. If we feel that we cannot help you or if it makes better sense to work with someone else, we’re always happy to guide you in the right direction.

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Wanted to throw a review in here really quick. I worked with Ashleigh over the past couple days on 3 deals for family/family friends. She had some fantastic pricing on some X5s, was incredibly responsive to requests, and a pleasure to deal with. They ended up not wanting to wait for something to ship from out of state, so we didn’t get to see the deals all the way through to the end, but I have no doubt the rest of the process would have been as smooth as the start.


Sorry if we’ve been slow to answer messages! We’ve been a little inundated, plus my job (@AP919) has been busy the last week, and I hurt my foot and was dealing with that!

Just wanted to say a big shout out to Ashleigh from Insight Auto Consulting! She was amazing to work with and was able to secure my wife and I a new BMW lease. Wife loves her new X3 I thought the process of getting her a new lease was very easy. I am from Houston and when I say I had a sign and drive deal it was just that. Drove to the dealership, signed the paperwork and drove off with new car. Easy.

I am looking forward to working with Ashleigh again when it is time for me to get a new car as well. So stoked about finding her, she is great!

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Got my new X5 last week. This is the second BMW I’ve leased through @IAC in the last 4 months and it was an easy process. The first was a '20 330i MSport XDrive sourced locally in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, where I live, and all I had to do was go to the dealer to sign and leave my DAS. The car was an inbound unit and they were to able to secure a favorable deal. This wasn’t some stale inventory that the dealer was trying to push. Second was sourced out of town and the docs were sent to me for signatures…signed and wired my DAS to the dealership. Car was shipped to me about a week later.

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Thank you so much, @andre_watson! It was such a pleasure working with you and your wife. Both of us look forward to working with you again when you’re ready for a car yourself, and I’ll be looking for an e-mail from your brother!

Thanks, @valek.jw. It’s always great working with you, especially since you know the leasing climate in Texas. I can’t wait to see your wheels if you get them powder-coated, but they look great as-is too!

I’m going to keep them as is for now. Maybe something I’ll do as a mid-lease refresh to make the car seem new to me again…lol


Or ya know, just get another car the next time there are tax credits! :wink:


The payment is low enough on this X5 I probably could transfer it easy lol

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Definitely, without a doubt. Maybe that was the plan all along! I was almost shocked at how low it was!

It was in the back of my mind…lol


Wanted to give a shot out to @IAC. Picked up my 530e yesterday and it’s awesome.

Chris was very easy to work with and got me a much better deal than I was able to negotiate on my own. Next time I won’t waste my time and I’ll start with him.



Just wanted to say I had a chance to work with the IAC team. Was very impressed with the responsiveness and options I was given. It was extremely efficient and streamlined. I had my car delivered within 3 or 4 days of asking for their help. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a BMW in TX!


I picked up a 530e this past week and it was the most seamless and pleasurable experience I had when purchasing/leasing a vehicle. Ashleigh was very responsive and I would definitely reach out again when my lease ends.

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Forgot to post my “trophy garage” pic on this thread also. 2020 330i XDrive MSport and 2020 X5 SDrive through @IACIMG_0525_LI


Thanks so much again, Robert! It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m glad we found something that fit the bill so quickly!

Thanks so much again, Kevin! Working with you was our pleasure. Enjoy the new car!

Hi Everyone,

Just a note that I am really behind on responding to people at the moment.

I will get back to everyone and appreciate your patience.


I can’t say enough how amazingly easy the process was with Chris and Ashleigh. The communication was lighting fast any time I sent a question or reply. Speaking of fast, the new X3 M Competition they helped me snag is so hilariously fun to drive that you forget it is an SUV. I highly recommend them, especially if you’re looking for a BMW in Texas


It was great working with you too! I’m so glad I saw that one come available because the combination is amazing - definitely my choice if I was in the market for one right now. Enjoy the car!