InSight Auto Consulting, brought to you by Electric (Review and Introduction Thread)

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I want to thank everyone so far who’s taken a chance on the new kid on the block.
Without your business and vote of confidence, I would not be pursuing this venture past the occasional friends and family deal.

If you’ve arrived here, You might recognize my handle as responding to many BMW leasing questions, deal checks, and general advice. That being said: It should be fairly obvious I specialize in BMW leasing and buying however I am open to trying my hand at other brands given the opportunity and a little extra lead time.

How I operate:

  • Information is the strongest negotiating tool I possess: As such, I try to make myself aware of all factors in a deal regarding the car, it’s lease/buy parameters, it’s buyer, and it’s seller. All the pieces matter.
  • Competing offers are welcome and encouraged.
  • I collect when you collect: If there’s no deal, there’s no charge.

Why won’t you take my deal?

  • Insufficient Information…
  • You’re being unreasonable.

I do have a Monday to Friday day/evening job but am almost always accessible (Vacation and Family outings are the major exception), and will make an effort to respond quickly and accurately. If I feel that I cannot help you or if it makes better sense to work with someone else, I’m always happy to guide you in the right direction.

Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Now that the first review is posted, let’s keep this to reviews only. (@Electric, I did leave your part time note)

To all requesting assistance:

I apologize in advance if it takes me some time to reply to you or get started on an assignment.

It seems I underestimated the pent-up demand for this kind of service and am currently working through a bit of a backlog with this being a part time gig for me.

I appreciate your patience and no hard feelings if you feel you must move on to working with others to achieve your goal!

Thank you!

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Big Thank you to @Electric - we have been discussing the local market over the last month or so. He helped this one happen!

I think it is ok to post this link here to show what he can do? Let me know if I need to remove it.


@AP919 you need to register as a broker.

@electric already is registered. I was just copying the review from the deals thread.

You’re brokering, so you need to register.

It’s irrelevant what fee-sharing arrangement you have with Electric.

This thread to remain closed until brokers are registered.