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Hi submitted an inquiry yesterday. Would love to connect when you have a moment

The math all looks right here, but a confusing way to give discounts. $21K total reduction will be hard to beat, even with full MF markup.

Why bother with $5k out of pocket up front?

This is the first time am leasing , so when asked i just said 5k , also keeps my monthly down a bit

Either do a ton of reading and learning, or save time and just go with a broker. First time leasing, a broker will get you a better deal than you will yourself 98 out of 100 times.

Plus the $5k CCR is a waste and I donโ€™t think many brokers would advise doing that.

Yeah , going with a reputed broker now . feel so much better about this process now

Yes, where is this extra $7,500 coming from? I googled โ€œiX owner loyaltyโ€ and found this official page from BMW advertising up to $7500 for current BMW owners. Can anyone confirm? This would be a huge new incentive if itโ€™s additional money from BMW and not out of dealerโ€™s pocket or a rewording if the existing $7500 tax rebate lease cash.

Just the EV pass through.

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I dint think it is loyalty bonus but its something from a local dealership. Also there were murmurs of some special june discounts

Just DMโ€™ed

Order banks are now open on 2024 i4, including the long awaited 40e xDrive (Example below)

Interested? :point_right: Inquire and :mailbox: us when completed.

Hi there,

Potentially looking to buy an X5. Are tax credits only available on leases? what about starting out with a lease then buying out after a month? Do I get MSDs back at buyout then?

Also, any progress with Porsche connection in Texas?


Yes, lender tax credits still available with five security deposit minimum.

No real way to avoid paying taxes on finance or cash. Since even if you did lease and then buyout, you will have to pay the taxes on that remainder.

Security deposits can certainly be applied to your buyout.

Thanks for the reply. I thought since we โ€˜payโ€™ tax on the full purchase price when leasing, we no longer pay tax again at buyout. Does that rule only apply to the buyout at the end of the lease term? Or do the lenders tax credits just revert back into the deal at buyout?


You donโ€™t get to keep the tax credit, the same exact thing happens when you trade in a vehicle thatโ€™s on a lease unless itโ€™s the same captive (and even then it depends on what the captive is doing at that time)

With BMW, when you pay the 1% this is actually referred to as a use fee for the tax incentive.

Makes sense. Thanks for the late night education session.


Hi, is this for the 2024?

2023, but we should be getting 2024 Allocation here pretty soon

Do you know if the 24s will still have the lease credit and lease in the $500-600s for the e drive 35? I read there will be some system updates in the 24s, so Iโ€™m holding out, but hoping I donโ€™t miss out on a decent payment.

Programs are not out for 2024 yet.

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2 Series (GC)


Trim Starting At
228i Gran Coupe $455/$2,000 Down+TTL
228i Gran Coupe xDrive $480/$2,000 Down+TTL
M235i Gran Coupe xDrive $561/$2,500 Down+TTL
2 Series (Coupe)


Trim Starting At
230i Coupe sDrive $524/$2,000 Down+TTL
230i Coupe xDrive $552/$2,000 Down+TTL
M240i Coupe sDrive $718/$2,500 Down+TTL
M240i Coupe xDrive $749/$2,500 Down+TTL
3 Series


Trim Starting at
330i $497/$2,500 Down+TTL
330i xDrive $522/$2,500 Down+TTL
330e $552/$2,500 Down+TTL
330e xDrive $578/$2,500 Down+TTL
M340i $672/$3,000 Down+TTL
M340i xDrive $697/$3,000 Down+TTL
M3 Base $1,019/$3,500 Down+TTL
M3 Competition $1,101/$3,500 Down+TTL
M3 Competition xDrive $1,246/$3,500 Down+TTL
4 Series CP/GC


Trim Starting At
430i Coupe $663/$2,500 Down+TTL
430i Coupe xDrive $691/$2,500 Down+TTL
430i GC $636/$2,500 Down+TTL
430i GC xDrive $665/$2,500 Down+TTL
440i Coupe $799/$3,000 Down+TTL
440i Coupe xDrive $826/$3,000 Down+TTL
440i GC $895/$3,000 Down+TTL
440i GC xDrive $926/$3,000 Down+TTL
M4 Base $1,111/$3,500 Down+TTL
M4 Competition $1,211/$3,500 Down+TTL
M4 Competition xDrive $1,317/$3,500 Down+TTL
i4 Gran Coupe


Trim Starting At
eDrive35 $499/$2,500 Down+TTL
eDrive40 $631/$3,000 Down+TTL
M50 xDrive $1,026/$3,500 Down+TTL
5 Series


Trim Starting at
530i $572/$3,000 Down+TTL
530i xDrive $600/$3,000 Down+TTL
530e $630/$3,000 Down+TTL
530e xDrive $659/$3,000 Down+TTL
540i $695/$3,000 Down+TTL
540i xDrive $725/$3,000 Down+TTL
M550i xDrive $995/$3,500 Down+TTL
M5 Base $1,606/$4,000 Down+TTL
7 Series


Trim Starting at
740i $1,173/$3,500 Down+TTL
760i xDrive $1,490/$4,000 Down+TTL
8 Series (CP/GC)


Trim Starting At
840i Coupe $1,252/$3,500 Down+TTL
840i Coupe xDrive $1,297/$3,500 Down+TTL
840i GC $1,252/$3,500 Down+TTL
840i GC xDrive $1,297/$3,500 Down+TTL
M850i Coupe xDrive $1,468/$4,000 Down+TTL
M850i GC xDrive $1,468/$4,000 Down+TTL
M8 Competition Coupe $1,995/$4,000 Down+TTL
M8 Competition GC $1,995/$4,000 Down+TTL
Z4 Roadster


Trim Starting at
sDrive 30i $747/$3,000 Down+TTL
M40i $955/$3,500 Down+TTL

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