**Insight Auto** BMW (South) | *June* |🔋 (‘24 iX blowout and special programs!) 🔋| Serving Texas and beyond!

Updated 6/2

*Note: Pricing below is for 2023/24 orders and inbound units where specified. If you don’t see it, drop us a line!

Where we are
  • All over Texas. (Texas specific pricing posted on lease specials)
  • Nationwide Retail and Leasing, (Lower 48). North, South, East, West.
Order and Reservation (Inbound) Information and Terms (2023/24)
  • Credit applications must be submitted and approved in order to get a build allocation. The dealership requires a non-refundable deposit of $1,000, unless otherwise specified. This is not negotiable.

  • Self or assisted shipping arrangements options can be provided if you cannot pick up in person at the selling dealer. – You can also request a Performance Center Delivery!

  • We will collect our service fee upfront on inception of the order or reservation – If you must cancel for any reason aside from inability to finance, this and all other deposits should be considered to be forfeited in their entirety.

Pricing Information (2023)
  • Take note: these are base model prices, option packages will result in higher cost. Where discount is percentage based, It will scale with the MSRP.
    That being said, It’s a custom order – Go wild!

  • Pricing assumes BMW Loyalty/Corporate Fleet incentive, Multiple Security Deposits (where applicable), and Elite or better credit (700+ FICO’s) with no derogatory/delinquency.

  • These are our most requested offerings. If there’s something you don’t see below, Don’t hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to assist you.

  • You must add your local Tax and Registration to the links provided. If you do not know these, we will make best effort to research this for you when you reach out and will be verified with the selling dealer.


The easiest way to get started is to fill out our form so that we have your basic information:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When completed, shoot us an email at info@insightautoconsulting.com!


Expecting any 750 or 850s?

Located in TX

Hi, I’m Miami and I’m looking for a X3 or X1. Do you have something available?

Done, thanks



Are there any sedan deals in tx?


My sister in law is sending an email your way

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Hi, did you receive my email?


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Thanks Ashleigh, today I receive an offer but is from New York too far to my house. Can I share with you the deal in order to see if you can find something similar??

Do you have any 330i in the inventory for lease?
Thank you

looking for 330i with ambience lighting/ heated seats/ blind spot assist/ nav
any color would be ok. 10k/36 with 0 down. I have excellent credit.

0 down is possible with any deal so long as we’re reasonable on the monthly…

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Are you talking to and liking yourself?

Its Gemini broker…

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@IAC $420 around there if possible. I do not have loyalty, with bmw, but I’ve had Mercedes before. not sure if you also deal with Mercedes as well.

@Carfuffle Asking in general if anyone has in inventory for BMW 330i 10k/36 0 down around $420 a month. not sure if you are a dealer…

Where are we leasing? I ask because in Texas that’s a pretty hard ask.

Dallas fort worth area. Would it be possible?

The least expensive one that we have right now is just shy of $44,000. With $1,000 at signing, it’s going to be about $460. The tax is nearly $2,400, which is about $75/month by itself. That car does not have ambient lighting or heated seats.

The least expensive one that meets what you want will be about $490 with $1,000 at signing.

what does the down payment include? delivery? fees? Can we work with $490 or its on stone. Can you send me the car info please. Thanks for your time!

There is no downpayment. $1,000 would be the first payment, doc, registration, and $250 of either taxes or acq. – same thing when it’s not paid in full.

I’m praying for awesome Feb deals as my Jan didnt work out