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X6 and deal don’t go together, they don’t make enough of them. I am 10+ deep on waitlist for X6’s at several of my dealers.

8 series yes, depending on what trim and model, I do have some availability.


Are all the X5s 40is or do you have any 50e available? Any x40i that have air suspension?

Sounds great I Texted u

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@Marsbar I can order you a 50e for 5% off, they are extremely hard to get but I do have one allocation. No Air Suspension 40i’s in stock, no.

Anything close to https://www.bmwusa.com/build-your-own.html#/studio/fc3qtun3/summary

Sent you the closest I have

didn’t make it for month end, but if any continued good deal on x3 close to this, let me know
pretty flexible on color and options, am in VA


Driver Pro is always tough to find on in stock X3’s but I’ll certainly take a look when I’m back at the computer for you.

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Shutting it down for the day! Thank you all. We’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Lot’s of trucks showed up to lot’s of homes with lot’s of cars this month!


It feels like MA deals are basically unicorns

I was so close to taking this one myself lol

No fun for me being in one of the sales tax on SP states. :frowning:

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I would totally go for it but wife wants a convertible as our second car while I try to upgrade from this MDX :joy:

Maybe something we can aid with.

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This is an anomaly, which makes it that much more a unicorn of a deal.

Filled out your form.
Disclosure: I did start talking with another broker, but their dealers don’t have my preferences in stock and it seems like you may be more actively into the mid-atlantic market and I’m in VA.
Also like how active you are on the forum and appreciate if you have a perspective on current value of X3 vs. iX deals. Leaning towards X3, but iX is a compelling upgrade. Plan to get to dealer to test drive this week, maybe need that for a decision.




Any 2025 X5 xDrive40i finance deals available?

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Sure, we can do our discounts on lease, finance, or cash deals!

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for $200, can i get free shipping? :smiley: amazing deal keep em up.