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If you’ve been considering ordering an i5 eDrive40, now is the time. We just found out that the i5 WILL get a $7,500 lease credit, as well as $1,000 for BMW loyalty.

I have ONE, single, allocation available, which I can sell for 3% off cash, or 5% off on a lease/finance.

If you have loyalty, here is what an i5 with Metallic Paint and the Premium Package ($71,295 MSRP) would look like on a lease with 7.5k miles and max-MSD. Click here for i5 Calculator

If you are interested in ordering an i5, please build the car as you’d like on the BMW website by clicking here, when complete, email your build to me at scott@insightautoconsulting.com and I will price it out for you.

$599 broker fee, and like I said, we have only 1 allocation available!


How long it takes to arrive NJ?

First arrivals will be around November.

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Any deals off MSRP possible on an i5 M60 or iX M60?

Oh, and for all you late night hackers, here is a 2023 iX xDrive50 Demo for 21% OFF MSRP!

I am going to answer the main question ahead of time, please do not text or email me asking about the rebate, I am addressing it now: The lease rebate on a demo/loaner is $3,500. It is not $9,900. This was just introduced by BMW this month. This is the rebate from BMWFS on a loaner, the rebate amount is not up to the dealer. Net/net, over a new car of the same MSRP, this deal still saves you about $100/mo.

The other thing you get, given this is a 2023, is 4 Axle Air Suspension and IAS (Integral Active Steering), so for anyone who has been after these features, this car is for you!

Pricing starts at $731/mo + tax with 1st month, fees, and MSD’s at signing.
Click HERE for Calculator and Pricing

You do not have to do MSD’s, but if you don’t, the price will go up.

If you want to move forward or have questions about them, please text or email me and we will take it from there. Email is scott@insightautoconsulting.com or text 516-550-3707

Here is the build sheet for this unit:


Very curious to see what you got


hope all is well.


I think you should focus on strong end-of-month IX deals. Don’t get distracted by those gas burners.

There’s a great one posted on our south/Texas thread.

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In Stock iX M60 SPECIAL!! 10% OFF MSRP!!!

Exterior: Phytonic Blue
Interior: Black SensaTec
Options: Driving Assistance Pro Package, Luxury Package, 21" Wheels with All Seasons
Starting at: $1,056/mo + tax with 1st month fees, and MSD’s at signing.
Click HERE for Calculator and Pricing

Interested in moving forward or need assistance with a quote with tax?
E-Mail scott@insightautoconsulting.com or text/call 516-550-3707!

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Only $929/mo + Tax with $2,779 due at signing if you have loyalty! ($999/mo without loyalty) - 36/10k Term
You can reduce this further with MSD’s down to $886/mo!
Click HERE for Calculator & Pricing

Complete Specs:

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2024 i4 eDrive40 Special! 10% OFF MSRP!

Model: 2024 i4 eDrive40
Exterior: Black Sapphire
Interior: Black SensaTec
Options: Premium Package, Parking Assistance Package, Harmon Kardon Audio
Starting at: $646/mo + Tax with 1st month and fees at signing for 36 months, 10k miles per year.
Reduce down to $611/mo with MSD’s
Click HERE for Pricing & Calculator

Complete Specs:


Hello Scott,

Any deals around the 2023 330i xDrive? Looking to get into one ASAP. Thanks!

I do have one or two in stock that I can discount well. Feel free to text me at 516-416-5481 with what you’re looking for and I’ll get you a quote. Heads up now that without loyalty, they do not lease well.

X5M60i FOR 8% OFF MSRP!!!
Free home delivery anywhere in the USA!
Discount applies to cash, finance, or lease

If the spec below works, contact me ASAP and I will quote you for lease, finance, or cash.
If leasing, expect at least $1,400/mo with 10k and taxes even with 8% off
Text or email scott@insightautoconsulting.com or text 516-416-5481

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Do you have x7?

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I think we had one last one on the ground.

Can you send me the details?

Thank you all for your continued business and support.

I will be mostly unavailable today and tomorrow as I work to ensure smooth deliveries for existing clients.

If you need a quote, please allow extra time for a response. If you are going to leave me a text or email, please leave as much detail as possible so I can reply immediately with a quote when I return. If you’re asking me to quote you, I need to know at minimum how many miles per year you need and your ZIP for taxes, but the more you provide the faster I can get back to you.



Sounds good! Just texted you about X3 and 330xi. Understand you need some time so no worries!