🚘 Insight Auto BMW - Call/Text 516-416-5481 - 9-10% OFF X3/X5/X7/i4/iX

Hi, Do you still have the IX discount car ? I am waiting your respond.

Surprised the Demo X5 40i has not moved. Low inception and base payment sub-$600.

Nice deals Scott. Does a FL resident (used to be NJ) qualify for these deals if buyer ships from or picks up in LI?

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Replied to your email :slight_smile:

We can ship! I think this car is finally, almost spoken for.


do you have any x5 demos with m sport package?

Nothing with MSport, hard to come by, even harder in a demo.

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@IAC_Scott Any more '23 X5 demos in the works for end of month?

Are there still lease credits on i4 and ix? If so when do they expire?

Yes, still credits on both, federally, who knows, but incetive programs change on the 1st day of next month. As far as BMW is concerned, we know we are good until at least the end of this month. Orders can lock in the $7,500 credit. I doubt anything will change, I am sure it will still be here next month.


Just signed an order sheet with the dealer, thanks to Scott’s referral - and follow-up with the dealer to get the numbers right. Thanks, Scott! Really appreciate your help through the process and excited for my new build!


Thanks for the kind words Chris! One-pay’s are always fun to quote, hah! Glad we got it taken care of quickly, and also happy we were able to secure the M340i allocation!

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I live in florida, can i lease through you?

You can, we’ve done several leases in FL. Feel free to shoot me a message or call/text 516-416-5481.

Wish bmw would pass the full $7500 on them. Great discount tho !

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They do on 35e variant

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I’m aware but you need at least the 40e on these. Better yet, a 50.

I just don’t get why they don’t pass any loyalty incentive on i4

I suppose it’s electric and they want the owners to pay extra to have the new cool toy

Probably because it already has a $7,500 lease credit so quite simply they just don’t need to incentivize it anymore.

They are selling out everywhere, I’ve sold out my dealer of them to the point that we’re dealer trading to get more. There is clearly no market need for more cash on them. The 40, on the other hand, needed something given that they were sitting with the 35 leasing so well.


Beautiful car!


How many can we put you down for?


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