Input on an Acura TLX AWD ASPEC Lease

Hello everyone I’d like some input on this deal I was given, but I feel as if there is some decent room left on the selling price before incentives. Any feedback would be appreciated, I was looking to be more towards 10% discount, but was targeting around 9.7%.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Acura TLX AWD ASPEC
MSRP: $47,275
Selling Price:$44,355 (~6.8% off MSRP)
Monthly Payment: $402.22
Drive-Off Amount: $~2800 Including Taxes Fees and First Month + $60 or $120 depending on what I do about the plates
Annual Mileage:10,000
Incentives:$3,000($2,500 Conquest, $500 Dealer Cash)
Region:Long Island
Leasehackr Score:9.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:Calculator

NY dealers are not allowed to accept MSD and I don’t think Acura financial has them anyway. So your best bet to reduce the MF and thus the total cost of your lease (payment, taxes, etc) might be a one-pay lease.

So you think the selling price is about as good as it gets? This is certainly the lowest quote I’ve been given by a dealer and they were very upfront about all the information.

IDK… but couple things to keep in mind:

Search the forum for other TLX deals in the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections. The best Discounts might be harder to come across due to inventory issues and perceptions of further shortages.

Go beyond LI to CT and NJ. Doc fees are higher but you never know, the total cost might be lower if they can give you a better discount


This really isn’t going to make a big difference

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Yea I was I was looking at the guy who did the one pay which was about $369/m, but that was FWD so about $2k cheaper MSRP which is about $30 more per month per $1000 no? So the price is pretty good I guess. Thank you for your input.

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Well it was an input to get my monthly lower to where I want to be which was around mid 370s to 380s.

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You have to always do the math in a lease calculator. I didn’t link the other deal to target his payment but to show how much the MF goes down in a one-pay lease.

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Yea I completely understand I’d just rather not put all the money into a lease with these crazy LI drivers :stuck_out_tongue:

One pays are not at risk of being lost if the vehicle is totalled like a large DAS is


Ah I never knew that, that’s very interesting. Thank you for telling me that.

If all remains the same, same MF and dealer discount as my deal, the extra $2,000 would be $25 more from the $369 monthly.

So were really not far off from one another. I’m just worried that if I wait another month or two the inventory will be even slimmer and the deals will be much harder to get. I also have a deal on my accord lease trade-in with car-max for ~$4k that I don’t want to miss out on.

Looks like a solid deal, especially for LI. Take it, especially given the market. New TLX is a nice car.

There is a dude about to pay $450 a month on a base Camry SE


LOL he needs a lot of help with that one, you should’ve seen the quotes I was getting on a base venza, mid 4s as well and all the sales people were desperate to be the first one at the door.

I didn’t know this either. Based on a quick Google search, it looks like the consensus is that you get a pro-rated refund based on where you are in the lease term? I think that simplifies it a bit, but it’s the general idea. Does that sound right @mllcb42 ?

Yes. Essentially, your one pay is held in escrow and paid from each month.

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Just leased an A-spec in MA. Dealer gave me 9.1% off. No conquest though since it was my first lease.

Yep a camry SE for $450. And an XSE 2.5 for $600!!! Certain honda accord trims are leasing out at $600 as well! I was quoted over 450 for a honda EX-L. That TLX lease looks extremely cheap considering what honda and Toyota are leasing out for at the moment.

For anyone interested in SoCal, I have a dealer from the original ones I was trying to structure a deal with that has come back to me with ~$14,500 OnePay for 36m/12k on the A-Spec trim. MSRP is $45,775. Must qualify for conquest or loyalty.

Very similar to my original deal;