Input Needed - BMW Lease Deal

Hello! I wanted to get some input on this deal. I got very close to pulling the trigger on this but we just weren’t there in regards to final discounts. I really want to be at $550.00/Month with only putting $1,500.00 down. In order to do this, I would need the dealer to budge another $1,500.00 from the sale price. Do you think its possible? He told me that I was “out of my mind”. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your input!

MSRP: $63,295.00
Selling Price: $52,495.00 (16.5% - 17% discount)
Monthly Payment: $643.00
Cash Due at Signing: $0.00
Incentives:$4,000.00 ($3,000.00 Lease Cash + $1,000.00 Loyalty) – He says OL Code and Costco discount are not valid. I made a post about that issue separately.

Annual Mileage:10,000 Miles
MF:00166 (He didn’t confirm the MF. I asked him specifically and he said it was the “standard” rate. I asked him if it was .00166 and he said that he thought it went up from that. I’m not sure if he is confused, misinformed or correct.)
Residual: 55.4% (4,415 Miles on the vehicle currently – it was a loaner)

Region: Pennsylvania (Not sure what region.)
Leasehackr Score: 8.1

I attached my calculator below:

Leasehackr Deal Calculator

We can’t get into your mind… so best you mention what model and if new or loaner.

Well - you’re missing some key details, like the model. I’m assuming a loaner.

For a loaner, 15-18% is a reasonable discount if you have to have it. 20%+ is definitely the target.

You need to confirm, in writing the actual number for the money factor. As far as the details about the OL Code and Fleet, my understand is those changes are mostly national, but it requires someone going in and looking at an updated bulletin.

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Thanks for the input. The $1,500.00 additional discount I’m seeking would put them at approximately 18.9% - 19% discount – which I felt was fair.

His reasoning for the OL code is that BMW NA “specifically says this is for a new car and since its a loaner its not new”.

That’s a good deal… Their invoice is probably $59700 on a new car. I’d take that deal and the MF is 0.00166 buy rate.

I’ve seen you mention the 20% off target over and over… did you get a deal with this or is it a number you think dealers are making available even on those one-off amazing deals???

Do you have fleet discount through your employer? You can get an additional $500 off.

I don’t have a fleet discount through my company but I was going to buy a Costco membership before signing everything. He told me the Costco discount did not transfer to the loaner.

I posted another thread where a gentleman in California said the Costco discount did apply to a loaner. Do we know if this is nationwide? Thanks!

Doesn’t specify that loaners are excluded in the fine print.

If the car is under 5000 miles it qualifies.

See disclosure here:

I guess I’m up the creek regardless, I see that it says I need to already have my membership.

Would it be possible to get my mom to register her code for the certificate and I just use the certificate? Thanks!

You have to be a member by July 5th. If you do not have a fleet, i believe you can get the $500 back by signing up for

I think she would need to be on the loan. I used my wife’s recent graduate discount and she was forced to be on the loan. I could be wrong

Thanks for letting me know. I will see what she can do!

Yes - I have received 20+% off on a loaner and have helped others do it. It’s all about timing - right place, right time to nail it down. Which is why I said 15-18% is reasonable if you “have to have it now” but if you can wait it out and widen the search you can probably do over 20%.

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It does…but over 4999 miles

“Previously reported vehicles with more than 4999 miles”

Previously reported vehicle = loaner in BMW speak

I was able to get a Costco certificate with the same last name on it. No first name mentioned. Should be good to go.