Initial Reading Requirements for LH Forum

While I know when you join LH, the forum requires a certain amount of reading before replying to an initial thread and starting your own topic which is great. As an attempt to cut down on the repetitive posts from new members my suggestion is to an add an initial page of reading requirements with bullet points such as…

            - For Brokers / Dealers please check post 1/1000 for most of your questions and the    broker / dealer preferred method of communication 

             - A link to @mllbc method of initial research in hacking

              - A requirement or strong suggestion to use the search function and read main page articles....i.e. ( 3 row suv's ) 

               - JLR dealers are not required to use accept Chase PIN's  

We can add all sorts of bullet points to this, this is a Work in Progress however I wanted to see what the community thought of the idea before typing anymore.

I think technically it’s harder to implement, hard to tell if someone had gone through an article, read time is easier to track.

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So basically “how to make sure none ever signs up for the forum” rule. People don’t want to read, they want immediate gratification of question / response and handholding through the process, if people actually read and used search function there would be total zero new posts as pretty much everything has been covered.

I think we should provide an area called “is this a good deal” which requires basic info and or calculator link and perhaps requires you to post at least one deal for your area from a broker and then one called “help me with my calculator”.

I bet if we did that it might help folks who are just excited to know if they got a good price before they reply to a dealership…