Initial Quote on 2018 Volvo V90 CC T5 AWD

started to look into what numbers on a 2018 V90 CC would look like. The short answer: horrible.

checked into inventory on cargurus and found multiple units 250+ days on the lot. confirmed availability on dealer websites.

on one unit with snow in the background, the following quote:

MSRP: 58675

DISCOUNT: 5930 (10% on a vehicle on the lot for 300 days)


AUV: 48995

CAP COST: 51398.18 (incl title, doc, taxes, etc)

MOS: 24


RV: 55% (32271)

MF: .00026 (not provided by dealer, using August numbers)

$923.68 w/ 6.25% tax. Would decrease to 716.30 on 36 mos

My calculations have their quote off by $50 but still… OUCH. Obviously dealer discount, lack of additional lease cash (2K more on S90 in this area) and not having A Plan hurts but even with, its painful.

I don’t think September is the month to lease a V90 CC

It’s a month to buy one (as was Aug), if you really want it. There is $6,000 purchase bonus (+$750). With 11% off MSRP discount, this gives you 22.5% off total.