Infiniti VPP for QX60

I just want to share my experience getting the Infiniti VPP.
With a help and advises from users/broker, I tried numerous phone calls and emails in different ways. In the end, the email worked for me.

Update: I used the email and phone from I researched what other people did for VPP from the forum and used whatever the method people said it worked. Nothing special, just put some time and some luck. I got lucky to have someone nice enough to review my email, just unlucky to get the code 1 day late =( lol

oh cool, wish I knew this, where can I find more details on this trick?

Is there anybody success with leveraging co-employment via Professional Employer Organization to get VPP? I have my payroll with ADP (There is VPP code for ADP) but the payroll also shows my worksite employer name so it wasn’t accepted.