Infiniti Registration issue- Moved from FL to NC

I moved from FL to NC last month. I lease a Infiniti Q50.

To register the vehicle in NC. I need the following docs

  1. Original power of attorney
  2. Copy of title
  3. NC Sales and Use Tax no

So, far it has been pain trying to get there documents from Infiniti. Anyone has any experience with this or the process?

I dont have any particular experience with infiniti but I am going through something similar with Chase for NY, so far they have only sent the POA :unamused:

I had a Chevy too. The process was confusing and I was given misleading information but the actual documents were sent.

I had to do this - moving WA to NC - with an infiniti. Called the Infiniti Lease folks, was very clear on what i needed, did t end up being a problem iirc