Infiniti Red Sport Q50

My deal looks like this
MSRP = 57,750
Selling Price = 48393
Term = 39 months/12k
Payment = $499 incl tax
Total due at signing $499 first months payment

How does this sound? I thinking it’s fir but i feel i can get the dealer to budge a bit more. Maybe add in some accessories

You should be at $450 with tax

How do i propose that, we were at 525, i told him id sleep on it, he caught me at the door and told me $499. How do I squeeze the last $50 out.

Sleep til the closer to the end of the year.

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If you want the car, go back in to your sales guys, say $450 is the price point, make it work. You can even refer to other Q50 deals here and suggest you have them as a competitive quote from another dealer. Nothing is more powerful in a negotiation than being present in the store, ready to sign. You can tool around emailing about the price all you want but