Infiniti QX60 with extra pacakages Lease feedback

By reading posts on Leasehackr, learning about leasing strategies and a lot of back and forth with sales reps, I was offered the following lease during a phone conversation with the Internet Sales Manager and wanted to get some feedback. It appears like a good lease deal considering the packages and the mileage allowance, but I just wanted to make sure…

Infiniti QX60 FWD 3.5 with Premium Package, Premium Plus Package and Driver’s Assist Package, plus Roof Rails, and other minor accessories.

39 months / 15,000 miles per year

MSRP: $51,695
Sales Price: $41,900
Aquisition Fee: $700
Drive Off Total: $4,800 consisting of the following:

  • $2,400 (6 MSD payments at $400 each, fully refunded at end of lease)
  • $384.55 inc. tax (first month payment)
  • $480 (registration & doc fee)
  • $1535 (down payment)

Residual: 53%
Disposition Fee: $395 (due at end of lease)

Sales Tax: 7.5%

$384.55 inc tax per month for 39 months / 15,000 miles per year.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Looks pretty solid from what i calculate. Selling price is great, do you mind sharing where?

That looks great, especially for a 15,000 mi/year lease. I plugged the numbers into the lease calculator and got roughly the same result (about $5 less).