Infiniti QX60 SoCal Dealers with Deals?

Anyone have any dealers in SoCal that are giving alot off the MSRP of the 2016 QX60, looking for a premium, premium plus and driver assistance package.
Looking to lease at 39mo with minimal drive offs.

I m seeing about 6-7K off MSRP anyone know of local SoCal dealers giving more off to move these cars.,

TrueCar and Edmunds show the same thing. Best way I’ve found to move the needle at Infiniti is to play them off one another.

I leased one recently from Autonation Infiniti Tustin -was about 16% off MSRP. Mine is a Premium with minimal options, but you should look for similar % discount. I canvased the LA area dealers pretty heavily and found this dealership by far the most ready to make a deal on the price. I worked with Jordan Talau- send me a message if you’d like his contact info. Cheers.

Please provide name and contact would be much appreciated thank you

can you please send me Jordan Talau phone number

Just a heads up, Jordan no longer works for the dealership, I received a call from his colleague and he was following up with his clients. I would say that this dealer in general can offer some of the most aggressive discounts, either way they have to go through their manager to approve the deal. I would just go through the internet department. I was contacting another dealer in LA county to request a price match, they said that they couldn’t come close to the deal.

Guy name Harry seems to have gave some good deals earlier this year.

Any thoughts on leasing vs buying 2016 QX60, assuming getting 16% off MSRP in either case, buyout at end of lease overall cost ~$1500 to $2000 more than upfront purchase with 1.9% APR financing, residual 62% at end of 39 months lease? Does Infinity usually offer lower than residual value to buy at end of lease? SoCal market.