Infiniti QX60 luxe with essential, 407/mo with tax, 407 down, please advise

Hello here is the deal I got today, please advise how I can make this sweeter?

  1. 57% residual

Looks good to me since you don’t have VPP and Conquest/Loyalty. Your tax is killing your monthly.

That’s with VPP and conquest. How can I do better?

More discount. I was able to get same monthly with 52k msrp car with zero down.

0 down with no payment at dealership?

Just the msd

Thanks! I’m trying not to do MSD. The 407 down was first month and tag. Maybe I can negotiate a little further on the selling price

Your discount is on part with the best deal on here. Get them to brake down the $1400 fees if any bs in there. Your fees and taxes are $4k. That’s a lot. Like others said you can do MSD to save a bit on interests and lower your monthly.

$10k off seems pretty standard on these, at least the ones I’ve seen posted on here.