Infiniti QX60 discount advice

Feel like they were giving these away in March but I haven’t seen any good deals on them lately. My cousin is looking for a luxe awd… Just curious where we should be looking for discount of msrp before incentives. Thanks…

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i am in the same boat, not getting the best deals

March is FYE for Nissan…that’s typically when they have strong deals.


that makes sense

I had a great deal coming my way for February. My current lease is over on 3/14/20. I’m driving the Red sport 2016 white sedan at $549 a month with 15k miles from NY and only $549 at signing. Now I can’t even get into that 2020 model cause it’s $649 to do so. So my new offer is the QX60 Edition 30 2020 in white. It has the blacked out grill, mirrors, etc and 20in wheels. 15k miles with $522 at signing and $522 a month. I still have this offer for March coming out of NJ this time but I’m gonna have them redo the deal being it’s March and the programs should be better? My hurdle is getting over the fact that the QX60 is the only vehicle in Infiniti’s lineup that hasn’t been interior upgraded, in terms of car play etc. and the new model comes out in 2021. I don’t want to regret doing this. I’ve never extended a lease in currently in or even dared to and haven’t driven any other vehicles outside of Infiniti… does anyone have any advise ?

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Ended up at Infiniti of Charlotte and was able to acquire a deal so far for the 2020 Red Sport 400 sedan at $559 a month with only $559 due at signing allowing 15k miles a year on a 39month lease. Total car value is $57,890 loyalty and incentives brought it way down over $10k which created that deal. What do you think?

Post a LH calculator link.

Sounds like a decent deal, do you qualify for VPP? I can try and save you the trip to NC.

I believe we had a 831 score and had qualified for Their loyalties … I’m not sure what else we had ? What can I do to see if you can do better ?

Just reading this, I went from a White 2016 Q50 Red Sport ($544/month) to a 2020 white QX60 Edition 30 @ $445/mo with 12K/year, only first month due at signing on NYE. I really like the QX60 and don’t miss the RS as much as I thought I would. The utility of the QX60 I really like, and it’s a comfortable ride.

What did you end up getting?

So I ended up with the RED SPORT 2020 Sedan in White with the black and red stitch interior. I was able to get the same exact deal which was 15k miles and absolutely nothing down at all besides my first pymt. I also got the tire package at cost which was $655 I spread of the $1100 they charge you and add to the deal. The reason I went with the newer model of the same car was because I had the QX70 before the RED SPORTS. And it was my favorite beast but they stopped making it. So it was hard for me to get into the QX60 after having the QX70. Although I really did like the Edition 30 series for the white model, and I was very close to getting that vehicle with 15k miles at $512 a month with nothing down, I just didn’t feel like I was getting a deal and it’s the only car in their lineup that didn’t get the entertainment upgrade ! So I stayed with the RED SPORT. Also I was able to get the vehicle at a dealership in Charlotte and keep my NY plates and insurance instead of flying down to NY or NJ to get this done.

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The deal you acquired at $445 for the QX60 edition 30 with 12k miles I think is awesome having to put nothing down ! I would’ve taken that deal. Saving myself $100 a month in an SUV…

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Yes, came down the the extra $100 a month and the utility of the QX60. I’m a real estate agent so the QX60 really is a more purposeful vehicle in that regard. But the Red Sport was definitely a fun car to have for a few years, I would not be against having another one to go alongside the QX60…