Infiniti QX60 Deal Evaluation

My first deal post, looking to replace the wife’s current lease in the next month or so. I have been shopping around.

Let me know where they still have room:

Compare it to the numerous offers available in the Marketplace.

Thanks I have been keeping an eye on the threads. Sales manager is telling me the MF can only be bought down to .00005, calculator is showing .00001.

Can anyone confirm that?

Sales manager is correct.

Reg fee is $1100? What state?

8 MSDs would reduce MF to 0.00005, 9 would reduce it to 0.00001. That last MSD, for which you pay the full 400 or 450 would have less impact than the other 8. When I leased mine, I only used 8 MSDs.

I thought that looked high, Kansas. We have a leased 2016 Ram 1500 right now, I just registered it for a full year, sticker on it is 49,xxx and a years tax, tag and title was $646.52. Not sure where that is coming from

Does this price include VPP? If not, you might get a little more discount if you qualify for VPP…

And the difference must be trivial.

Yes it does, he told me it was a net net deal.

At least he didn’t try to tell me he was “losing money” on it :grin:

Better deal than I can find in Colorado. All the great QX60 deals posted here are from East Coast or West Coast where the market volume and competition pushes Infiniti to give more back-end manufacturer incentives to the dealers. Here in the middle of the country we are not getting the same incentives so this deal might be as good as it gets for Kansas…

Hi @Gbsenestraro, two questions:

  1. What does the payment range mean?
  2. What was your MF? Got a quote with MF at 0.00085 and SM says that MSDs won’t make any changes…

MSDs will drop the MF so your sales manager doesn’t know.

Yup, I plugged in my deal in lease calc and it lowered payment $57/mo.