Infiniti QX60 (2017)

Hello all, I got this deal on 2017 QX with 82 miles(no big deal), let me know what you think

MSRP: $51404
Sale :$42000
MF: .00003
RV: 52%
Total out of pocket $1825
39 Months @ $459

please le me know your thoughts.


Pretty good deal, numbers look good.
It still looks like there is a little room to haggle though. What does the total out of pocket include?

Hi - What dealership is this from? I tried getting a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder SL Premium but was given the following breakdown.

MSRP: 42875.00
Savings: -3575.00
Selling price - 39300.00
Fees: 1304.96
Sales Tax: 2560.89
Net Sales Price: 43165.85

Rebate $2550

Zero out of pocket: $507.34/ monthly
36 months/12k miles

Compared to the Infiniti deal this deal doesn’t look good. How much lower can it be negotiated?

What is the difference between pathfinder platinum and QX60? Is it worth it to just switch to the Infiniti if packaging is similar?