Infiniti Q50 sport AWD 541+tax, no MSDS TN 39/15 with proactive

Can the resident experts please let me know their thoughts on this deal?

The calculator has everything included. Importantly, I wanted driver assist which means I have to get the proactive package.

Thank you!

I am not sure about your situation but I got quote last week from dealer around 430 a month 19 q50 sport 12k miles 39months 3k down with no trade in. And with proactive package. It is very hard to find one so they may not give you full discount. Right now inifiniti Is very aggressive on discount.

Thank you - when you say Infiniti is aggressive on discount, do you mean they aren’t giving them or giving them aggressively?

I feel if I’m going into the mid 500 range, I should go into a higher end car such as a BMW or Audi

I mean that are offering Hugh discount. Since they have worst sales record plus q50 is about to having interior change very soon.

Thanks - and by way of update, he’s just come down to $514+tax Include vpp and all incentives.

I’m incentivized to stick with Infiniti because I’ve got about 450 of damage which will get waived as well as the 395 disposition fee.

I’d like to push back, but don’t really have a basis other than “the price is not good enough”

We’re down to $507 - still not sure it’s a good deal …

That’s a good enough basis. You can take your money anywhere, theirs is sunk in and will get deeper until the unit is moved.

Take a time and wait for few days. be patient. for me it took a week to get that 430 a month deal. And always work with other dealers as well. Don’t get played by them.