Infiniti Q50 Luxe 3.0 AWD

I’ve been working on a few different leases but they came at me with what looks like a fairly aggressive deal. Looking for everyone’s input here. 3.0 LUXE AWD, but no essential. Pretty bare.

Gross cap $37K
CCR $7.15K
Sale Price: $29,500
MF: 0.0009
RV: 47%
Drive and sign (nothing down), comes out to $348/mo.

Few thoughts here…

  1. MF looks to be marked up a bit, since I’m seeing 0.00031. I’m in Michigan.
  2. Car has been sitting on the lot for 7 months, so I know they want to get rid of it

Is this a good deal? It drives fast but has slightly loud cabin noise, crappy speakers, and outdated tech. What are people’s thoughts?

I think 348 sounds about right with all those numbers. I think get a few other opinions though

Can you add a calculator link?

If the sales price is 29k and car has been sitting over 6months I would negotiate better price. Or at least mileage

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Thanks for the advice. I negotiated a significantly better deal and am happy. Now, if only I could find a better speaker system. The sound is underwhelming.

There are any number of stereo shops that can do that for you.

I ended up negotiating the following:

$32K cap cost
MF 0.00031
RV 47%

$315 down, $315/mo, 39 mo lease for a 15K year


Where are you located? I have a lease coming to end of term. Dealer is not coming anywhere close to this! Can you provide more info…incentives, vpp??

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Nice deal. Looking for something similar.

Hey Stoner1 - I’m in Michigan.

Sorry for the delayed response. Are you still in the market? Happy help if I can. I can also refer you to a solid dealer who’s more than motivated to make deals in the midwest.

First locate your car… find the stock number, and check out how long it’s been sitting in that lot… I advocate the sports trim (if I could go back in time, I would). If it’s been there 90+ days, great. Infiniti sales are getting crushed (down 44% over past year). Use this to your advantage. The car has dated infotainment; dealers know it too. They got value-conscious drivers, and that’s about all they have… and a ton of incentives.

Try to get 15-18% off MSRP… then apply:

$4,650 dealer incentive + $2,000 winter cash
Now try to get $750 VPP (if dealer will help you out with this)
Or $1,000 loyalty (if you are turning your lease in/grounding your vehicle there within 7 days)

I think there are another one or two incentives but will need to go back and check. Hopefully this helps.

Hi there. I’m not OP but I’m looking at ‘19 Q50s. Yes you are correct, the only reason I’m looking at the car is that they look great but yes they have terrible tech. I’m in the Northeast, is aiming for 15-18% applicable up here to your knowledge? I see MSRPs in the mid 40’s so it sounds like I should aim for in the mid to low 30’s with the incentives. Any other advice you may have? Thank you!!

Yep! Probably closer to $30K should be your target. Lot of good incentives. Watch out for folks looking to mark up the MF… They’ve been sitting there forever, and their sales are down 44% from last year.

I am now trying for a ‘20 Luxe MSRP $45K and have been trying to get it down to the $35K level as it now has Apple CarPlay and decent safety items (BLIS, lane departure, etc). I tried and haven’t been able to get anyone to move down to $30K for a ‘19. I hope the incentives stay the same or go higher this month as I cast a wider net. For terrible sales of both models, I’m hoping they budge a bit more!

Miwolv, seems like you crushed it with your deal. I thought I understood a national ad from Kia saying 149/m with 2878 down. I signed for 210 as the dealer said I had to pay $752 sales tax on total cap cost reduction of $8k. all seems like smoke and mirrors after the fact. Just posting so others know to watch for sales tax addition and also it seems MF doesn’t easily relate to finance/rent charge with Kia at least

2019 Kia Optima LX in Colorado
$24,620 MSRP
$8439 cap cost reduction (kia rebate $6520)
MF 0.0019
RV 51%

$2878 down ($650 acq, 149 pmt, 2078 cap reduction)
$228/m (210 for 3729 depreciation + 1315 Rent Charge/Finance) + CO Tax 8.6% on 210

I leased two Infiniti’s back around 2013 (G25x and G37x), really enjoyed them both. Both were very affordable at the time. Around $400 for G37x.

Tonight I went in to see if I could work something on either a 20 Q50 Sport or a 19 Q50 RS. Mind you tonight is the last night that a dealer will be able to lease a 2019 model year via IFS.

The MSRP was $62K the selling price was $55K (there is $6800 in incentives). The monthly would have been $650+ for 36/15 with $1200 DAS. The sport was slightly better but on a $52K+ vehicle you don’t get memory recall seats. Not a huge deal, but still mind boggling. I mean for $55K I would take a 5 series loaner all day over a Q50. Not sure where they are heading but having 1 dealership in metro Milwaukee speaks volumes. Also plays into this dealership not offering more of a discount on the last night to lease a 2019 that has been on their lot for 250 days… To Infiniti and beyond, errr insolvency.

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Yeah I don’t see why these dealers are holding back. I told one guy that these are sedans, who else is looking to buy them other than bargain shoppers? Lol I hope I can score a 20 Q59 cheap but it seems like I may may need to dip my toes in these BMW loaners which I have no experience in but will learn on here. And yes, I think the Infiniti brand may be on its last legs as well.

I agree with your assessment. I don’t even know if Infiniti will be around by the time I turn in my lease…

But speculations aside, it is weird that dealers are holding back on vehicles that have been moving slowly, with outdated infotainment, poor MPG, and crappy runflats.

If price wasn’t a factor, Audi A4 or 3-series all day. With the Sport running the same price as a loaded 3-series, why would someone get the Q50?

Yes, the 20 luxe definitely have a lot more standard equipment that makes it more attractive, although the value proposition is still the same… entry level luxury.


I am in the Midwest (Ohio). Any chance you could PM me the dealer? Looking to get into a 2020 Q50 sport but not having any luck with deals yet. Thanks!

Yep sorry for the delay. His name is Joel Tasman out of Grand Rapids Infiniti. Very straightforward - good guy. You’ll have to go back and forth with him and do the normative dance of management etc but I liked working with him.