Infiniti Q50 3.0t Luxe Offer

Howdy. I received this 2nd offer from one of the dealers in the Houston area. I’m hoping to get some feedback on it. Could I do better? I plan on contacting the other two deals in the area as well. TIA!

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What dealership is this? I am in the Houston market too and looking to get a Q50

West Houston Infiniti. Nice thing is, you can also negotiate with two other dealers as well…Southwest and Clear Lake. Still looking for a contact at Southwest though.

I’ve seen a lot of hackrs get the car for closer to $300/m so you are close but a little high…

NCS Leasing is advertising a Q50 with $299/m which is likely for 36/10K, i know that its different than your 39/12K but it might be worth a call to see if they can beat your deal…

I am in no way affiliated with NCS

$300 for a 3.0t Luxe? If so, I should definitely do better!
Best lease offers I’ve seen are around $350 or so. The sport trim is calling my name though…

not sure about the q50 trims but the 299$ is most likely the base base model…still there seems like there is some room…

Maybe contact one of the brokers on the forum? maybe they can improve the deal with your dealer or find a competing offer from another…

Most recent offer… thoughts?

Q50 3.0t Luxe

MSRP: 43,795
Cap cost: 35,344.31
Acq. Fee: 700.00
License Fees: 193.00
Doc. Fee: 150.00

Total Cap cost: 36,387.31

Drive Off: 1st Payment

Residual: 53%

Monthly Rent: 1.79
Monthly Depreciation: 337.85

Monthly Payment: 339.64

definitely a nice payment. could try for as close to 300 as possible.

Offer 310 including taxes and tell them you’ll come in the same day to sign it if they can make it happen.

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I may have have said I was good with that deal but haven take it so wil give this a try. $300-320 would be nice!

Can you get vpp? That would be another 40/month off. You should be able to get a 47k msrp Q50 for about 340 without vpp and 299 with vpp. That is zero down 39/10k. I am in Texas and picking up a 3.0t luxe rwd with essential/proassist/sensory at 299 month zero down. This includes vpp and is 39/10k.

For vpp, you need specific employer or already own Infiniti or Nissan (even then it’s no slam dunk).

Nice deal you got!
No VPP unfortunately. This would be my 3rd Infiniti lease though. Are you saying there’s a chance I could get it?

Do you drive an infiniti now? If so, its worth a shot. There’s a post with phone number and details. I’m busy now but can post the link a bit later. Also, it’ll take a few days.

I do…currently on my second lease through the same dealer. Will try searching for that post but pls let me know if find it!


Here is the post:

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Thanks! Just called and agent said I should hear back soon… fingers crossed.

Nice, as long as they opened a case, it’ll probably work. I had to call a few times to get someone to open the case for me. Agent was very cool… Pretty positive experience.

Just called back and they provided a case # so hopefully it works out.
So IF approved, do you just tell the sales person you have VPP and the dealer can apply the discount?

I think that’s how it works. I haven’t signed my deal yet, but dealer has been very clear that my deal is contingent on having vpp code. You’ll get an email with the code in a few days if your case is approved.

Advice on these forums is to negotiate best deal you can without vpp and then drop it on them at the last minute.

This was a quote I just got on a 2018 Luxe AWD with pro assist. Seems ridiculous. Any advice?