Infiniti Q50 3.0T LUX - $248 signed!

Would you please pm me the dealer detail please.

Please PM the dealer as well! Thanks :slight_smile:

Please PM me as well, thanks

nice job! Congrats on the new ride!

Anyone who wants an Infiniti on this thread, please contact me. I have dealers in the LA area as well as in the Bay area.

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I’m in Los Angeles, also looking for infinite deals

I live in nyc and am looking at either a sport awd or red sport awd. Can you pm me?


Would you Pm me your Infiniti dealer pls? I’m also looking for Infiniti at the moment.


This dyno run is with a E30 fuel mix, which in the Infiniti Q50 would be 5 gallons of E85 in a tank with the remainder 93 octane. You can still run +4 psi on straight 93 octane but the actual output will be closer to 355hp.

Nice deal, but the only reason to ever own an infinti q50 is for the red sport 400HP trim. That engine alone will make up for the shitty interior, transmission, infotainment…lol

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Awesome deal! Could you pm me the dealer info as well?

For the money I love it … bought it so I can cruise the kid with her new car seat and yeah the info is crap but half the cost of other cars I was looking at I’m pretty stoked … I didn’t like the luxe interior so I got the sport .

Can you PM me the SoCal dealer?

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Please PM me dealer info also

Different strokes for different folks. I’m sure people will have words for your ride too.

Hi, would you mind sharing Infiniti dealer for the Q50 dealer; I am in SoCal. Thanks!

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Hi - Can you please PM me the info for SoCal? Thanks!

I’m interested in getting the QX60. I’m in the LA area. Send me a pm if you’re interested in working together. Thanks!

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Will you shoot me a PM with the SoCal info please. Thank you! :slight_smile: