Infiniti Q50 3.0T LUX - $248 signed!

Has anyone had luck getting this lately? In NY and interested.

Does anyone have a suggested dealer can go close to this, in TX?

Generally, no. 3.0 is cheaper to lease.

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Hi, I live in NY and I’m very interested in a Q50 essential or Sport, can you please let me know what kind of deals you have on these?

Any brokers able to get a deal in Ohio region?

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@BiggL Can you PM me the SoCal Infiniti dealer?


Hi @komrade, I am in the market for a Q50, could you please PM me dealer info, thank you!

Please ping dealer and salesman details

2019 and 2018 models are amazing.
I can see why he wants to drive it.

Do you know if anyone else in SoCal area, made the deal for the Q50 Luxe for $248/mo w/tax?

Hi @komrade can you please pm me the dealer info.

Anyone have contacts for Infiniti dealers in Arizona? Looking for a 2018 q50 3.0, 36/10k zero due at signing.

Interested in a quote on a Q50 with Drivers Assistance package. In NY. 18k miles. Nothing down.

Reach out to aronchi. Really easy to deal with and gives the most competitive quotes.

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@BiggL Hi Laurent. Do you know of any SoCal dealers that can match this offer? Thank you


That deal is long gone. The updated deals are $50-60/month worse, but you have to find the base 3.0.

hello, can you pm me please too!

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Sure PM me

Can someone explain what vpp is and all these other programs infiniti offers…I see these deals on here where qx60s are being leased cheaper than a Camry or Accord…how can Infiniti give these cars away at these prices?

This was an amazing deal, I wonder if there’s anything similar to it this month? I’d be a lot more interested in a QX60. PM me if possible.