Infiniti no longer doing loyalty discount? VPP instead?

Seen a lot of posts here with people lease shopping different Infiniti cars/suv’s and mentioning that they are getting “Loyalty” discount but from what I understand (I could be wrong), IFS no longer does that. I’ve also seen people say that they got the VPP discount instead of the loyalty. I currently don’t qualify for VPP as I don’t see my company on their list of affiliates but do have a current lease with IFS. Looking for some input before going to hack a deal…thanks in advance.

I leased a Q50 y’day and they told me that I will get 1500 credit from IFS upon lease return if I take another Infiniti

Uhm… looks like I’ll call IFS to confirm this.

Is that a credit toward the cap cost/lease of your next Infiniti, or toward any mileage/damage charges at the end of your current lease?

Credit towards next lease… I already took wear/tear waiver upto 5000

Good Point … though I am not a brand loyalist in general :grinning:

Can you clarify? They gave you 1500 loyalty credit AND an extra 3500?

That 1500 was mentioned as a credit that Infiniti will give towards next lease… not sure of 3500
5 K that I mentioned for wear n tear is covered as part of my 325 monthly payment

Where are you getting this extra $3500 number from?

he paid for 3500 of excess wear and tear coverage. one of the extras the finance guys hit you up for when you finally get to the back room.

No, he paid ~$975 for the wear and tear package, which covers up to $5000 in damages.

I’m guessing @KEVIN88GT is confusing this $5k coverage and thinks it’s part of some rebate/incentive?

Ok, just got off the phone with IFS. Let me clarify a few things. There is no such thing as a “credit” toward your new lease. What they did say that they “can” waive your last 2 remaining lease payments on your current Infiniti, provide you with up to a 500 dollar damage waiver and they will waive your lease disposition fee. It seems that whatever 1500 dollar discount you got was from the dealer. Just curious, what was your total discount off MSRP including this 1500?

The $1500 extra discount for the current deal he got was with VPP.

Are you assuming this or you know this? As in you know that he was able to generate a valid VPP code through a eligible employer and provide it to his dealer for his deal?

Well, @Ashwani_Narang stated that he got the VPP discount but I wasn’t present to watch him give the info to the dealer.

It ($1,500 VPP) is stated in Ashwani’s other thread…

Sorry, I did not read his “other” thread so I wouldn’t know that… all that he said was “I leased a Q50 y’day and they told me that I will get 1500 credit from IFS upon lease return if I take another Infiniti” which caused some confusion…but I think we’ve figured it out…there’s pretty much no such thing as Infiniti loyalty discount any longer…