Infiniti lease rebates and incentives & VPP question

First off, thanks to all that make up this forum. I have been in the automotive finance industry for 20 years and just recently came across it. I am in the market for a 19 Q50 red sport. Does anyone know what other memberships and or programs (amex,aarp, costco etc.) can provide additional $$$ for my transaction.

Also what is needed to apply for VPP and is it accepted on all models?

VPP not accepted on all models. For example QX50 doesn’t. For VPP you need to work for a company on the VPP list or have someone in the household who does.

Can you stack anything like a costco with the VPP?

Infiniti doesn’t have any additional programs from 3rd parties like other brands. Your only options are Loyalty and VPP.

@meangene You can stack VPP and Loyalty.

Is there somewhere I can look at the loyalty options/program? I own a QX80, audi a4, & ford explorer currently.

Infiniti is really weird about loyalty, the only way to check is through corporate or a dealer as it’s a list that appears to be randomly assigned. The only exception is the QX50 in which all Infiniti owners get loyalty.

If you PM me your full name and address where your QX80 is registered I can check for you.

I’m actually on the market for the QX50, I have VPP and Costco and currently lease Q50 and Honda Pilot. I saw on the websites they offer $1000 for honda leases.Is loyalty more then that? Because I was not able to find any info on loyalty, only conquest. Also, on my employer website VPP is invoice on all cars, when I leased cars before it was more like $1,250 off invoice pricing. Is that true?
Thank you.

1000 - loyalty
1000 - conquest
1500 - vpp

I have spoken to few dealers and I was told that loyalty doesn’t apply no more :frowning:

Is the customer satisfaction VPP value the same nationwide at $1500?