Infiniti July Programs for QX50 and QX60

Do we have the the Programs for July for QX50 and QX60

Residuals, MF and dealer cash or incentives?
Thank you.

I’m interested in these too for Florida and 36/12k.

2016 QX50 RWD
24/12k: 68% Residual; .00040 MF
36/12k: 61% Residual; .00040 MF

2016 QX50 AWD
24/12k: 70% Residual; .00085 MF
36/12k: 64% Residual; .00085 MF

2016 QX60 FWD
24/12k: 66% Residual; .00147 MF
36/12k: 61% Residual; .00147 MF

2016 QX60 AWD
24/12k: 67% Residual; .00135 MF
36/12k: 62% Residual; .00135 MF

No public incentives but likely a lot of dealer cash. MSD is available.

Infiniti numbers are national. Numbers valid through 07/05/16

So a dealer in SoCal offer me a base qx60 for:

$379 + tax for 10k year 39month payment 0 down.

Not great but I guess it something.

Do you have new Infiniti numbers, since the ones above expired on July 5th?

Could someone please provide the July numbers for the QX50 and QX60?

HI there Dev - I’ve been shopping around for a QX60 and your deal is the best I’ve seen in Socal - Best offer is $399 + Tax same terms. Would you mind telling me which dealership in socal offered you the $379 ? Thanks!

Arthur at infiniti southbay 310-972-8763

Thanks much ! Ill give him a call

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So for those of you looking at the QX60 - I finally pulled the trigger on an offer.

2016 QX60 White/Graphite with Premium Package
39 Month Lease at 12k/year
$500 total drive off, monthly payment is $420

MSRP Was $47,910, Sales Price $39,651. Residual $28,066.


Where are you located

Southern California - Orange County

did you goto arthur or someone else just wondering

Sorry for the late reply !! I caled him, but after I gave him the specs of ehat I was looking for, he never called back. Then one of his associates called me 3 weeks later