Infiniti Is Getting Absolutely Creamed

Oh well wont get attached to current lease


Such a shame. They drive well, are faster than other Japanese lux brands and hold their looks even while they age. Plus the G killed the 3 Series! Even the Q45 was a cool Japanese Bentley (ok…Continental).

If they had fixed the dang infotainment in '14-15 and didn’t reinvent their naming strategy…these numbers would be down significantly less.

hell yes they are…

When I read the name of an Infiniti model, nothing comes to mind. Everything is Q-something.

The fact that they didn’t even fix the infotainment for the newly designed QX50 is even more damning. What’s the excuse for a newly released Infiniti system to be worse than a Nissan?


We have a Q50 lease ending in 2020 and a QX60 lease ending in 2021. I’m starting to wonder if Infiniti will still be around when we turn in the QX60.The Q50 has been a fun car and the QX60 has been good enough to convince us to lease a second, but we won’t be replacing either with another Infiniti.

I think the obvious thing killing them is that their interiors are badly out of date, especially when it comes to supporting CarPlay/Android Auto in our age of smartphone addiction. You can only subsidize that away with big discounts for so long.

But the QX50 is going to be their death blow. When you release an average product in one of the hottest market segments after being late to the game and hyping an engine that can’t even deliver on its promise of better gas mileage, it shows you just don’t get it. Were people complaining about the gas mileage in the X3 or Q5? I don’t think I heard that as a criticism. Interior tech is where things are these days, and they decided to plop the old Q50 system in. Genius.

The QX60 is still a good premium/luxury family vehicle, despite not being refreshed for awhile, which is why it’s still selling fairly well. But it needs an update badly, and I have no confidence in Infiniti to 1) actually do a redesign before it becomes hopeless, and 2) do something XC90-like and totally change the game, which is what they need to do to survive.

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They will be - they will just go through bankruptcy just like any other manufacturer.

I have a Q50 RS400 right now and am getting rid of it within the next few weeks. It’s been a great car (400hp will make most any car more interesting), but at the end of the day it’s just so incredibly outdated. I purchased it 3 years ago but I feel like I’m driving a car from over a decade ago. Although the overall design of the interior is not bad, the infotainment looks like it’s from 2006 (probably because it kind of is). It just boggles my mind because everyone knows what they need to do to be competitive, but they just don’t do it. There’s talk of an all new Q50 coming out for the 2021 MY but hopes aren’t high after seeing what they did with the QX50.

It all started with the terrible driveby wire steering that everyone hated.

Also, that absolutely garbage 2 screen infotainment.

Nissans doing a good job across the board with both its brands… “Lets just ignore the problem with reliability with our brands, no one will care”


Renault deal isn’t helping them. My 2015 MY Q50 was much better built quality then 2019 MY.

I read this article this morning and couldn’t believe how bad their sales were. It’s TRUE that the interior technology is completely dated but the their cars have always been top notch in the looks department. Might be too late to turn these numbers around, change should have been taking place about 10 years ago to keep up with the likes of MB and BMW. Might be too late now.

Well this could help leases?


Wait… I just saw they have an X4 competitor coming out next year. The missing piece that will solve their issues with 57 extra sales next year!


About 40 percent of Infiniti’s 205 U.S. dealers are unprofitable, Automotive News has learned.

Yikes! They might as well start holding religious services in their showrooms.


Nothing a bunch of lease cash and .00001 MF won’t fix…lol


So true lol

Hey! My wife loving her QX60 Pure and I’m happy paying for it $300 pm.
If I can get it for even less than that I most likely will do it again.

It’s a shame because Infiniti was on the right track for a long time. I really loved my old G37 because it was an amazing machine for the price (back in 2008 you could get one with a 6MT and have 335 hp for the same price as 215hp BMW 3 series) but now it’s just super dated interiors with bad quality materials for a price that no longer swings buyers away from the other luxury brands.

Which caused problems for those of us who aren’t built exactly like an average person. I have short-ish arms and a long-ish torso, so I generally sit pretty upright when I drive. My head was maybe an inch away from where the the door meets the roof (this was in a previous gen G)? Not a reassuring driving position.

And as for the old G being good to drive… I’m sure it was one of the better drivers in its class, but its steering feel had nothing on an old BMW.

Price was def appealing, though.

Infiniti sedans aren’t exactly top cars. They’re average at best. Historically, I only ever considered G or Q50 cars because of the V6 power train mated to a torque converter. Future generations of Infiniti cars are adapting to the CVTs and drive by wire steering systems.

The use of run flats isn’t helping their case either.

I think Infiniti just doesn’t know where they want to be. They’re all over with their design philosophy and applications. They know they don’t have as big of budget to do everything which is why I think they should have spent more time thinking through what statement they were trying to make and committing to it. Everything else just seems like they were guessing or reacting to the market.

Shame, I always liked the way the Q50 looked. Hated the interior and the way they drove, though.

320 hp never felt so bad in a car that size before…

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