Infiniti financial...will they discount my payoff?

My Zip 93401 (California)

I’m thinking of buying this car now, 15 months into the lease. Have you heard of IFS/NMAC agreeing to a short sale on a lease, in other words, discounting the payoff?

Retail market on this car is about 3k to 4k below the IFS-stated PAYOFF.

Thank you for sharing what you know on this! David

There’s no incentive for them to do that. Not sure what the rush is to buy it out, I’d just wait. Allot can happen over the next two years, including the car getting totaled.


Many cars like the qx30, half Infiniti/half Mercedes, do not hold their value well. I’m also considerably above my miles target at this point in the lease term. Thirdly, I’m thinking of buying it, and shipping it to a foreign country for personal use during my extended stays there.

Captive fiance arms typically don’t negotiate buy outs since the complexity involved isn’t worth the additional revenue. Also think about incentives. The primary group of people buying their car post lease are people who are over their miles and don’t want to get hit with a huge lease turn in fee. These people are already going to have to pay a big chunk of change on lease return or pay full price to buy it out. Why give them a break?

The people they should negotiate with are lesees who have an accident on the record since those cars are worth way less. Of course, those are the lesees who most want to return the car at lease end.

That’s the risk both you, and the captive take when initiating a contract. IFS makes an estimation on what the car will be worth at the end of the lease. You hope the car is worth more, so you can sell it and make a couple bucks. Why would IFS simply give money away (which is essentially what you’re asking) 15 months into a lease, when the true market value of the car could theoretically swing in their favor at the end of term?

Go find another cheap lease to supplement your miles, it’ll probably cost you less than putting too many miles on the infiniti and getting all upside down

Instead of buying a local car and having the warranty and dealer network?

Good thought. Thanks.

Yes. It’s Ukraine. Taxes are extreme, so it’s better to bring something into the country.

Very thoughtful response…and head-on. Just hoping there’s something out of the box that justifies such a scenario. Thanks.