Infiniti End of Lease - QX60 or QX80 Deals or pay mileage?

I am an avid hacker, though my wife’s current lease doesn’t do a good job of showing my skills. It was sort of a rush decision and was a good deal for us at the time.

Our situation:

  • 2016 QX60, 5k over mileage with 3 months to go
  • Not really interested in another dated Infiniti unless we can get a killer deal on a loaded up QX60 or QX80 and pull ahead and wave mileage
  • We can’t do anything until 10/1 due to closing on our house on 9/30
  • Currently paying $589/mo with $5K in damage coverage


  • Who on LeaseHackr is an Infiniti guru? Our local sales guy has been rude when discussion options. He did say he could pull ahead, but the payment on a nearly loaded QX60 would be over $700/mo with zero down
  • Is there similar deals to what we saw earlier this year?
  • We optioned out a QX60 AWD to $61K, could we do that car under $475/mo with zero down?
  • Is the MDX Advance a better deal?

Thanks in advance.

I think a 61k QX60 on a good deal would put you closer to 575 then 475. Unfortunately, an MDX advanced is very close to that as well. Strong incentives but horrible money factor. QX80 leases worse then all and comes in at a higher price point. My best guess is you don’t touch one with 0 down under 700. You’re in a tough spot. Sorry.

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Lots of random monthly payment numbers in this post, no details on how they were arrived at. Even then, they’re all totally unrealistic. Suggest that you take a step back, do some more research, and come at this from a more informed angle.

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Thanks Jarret. Maybe we just pay the mileage and turn it in and buy something CPO. We don’t have to lease, but we were considering it if it would save the mileage and pull us ahead.

If you can save on some of the options, an MDX or a QX60 is absolutely doable 475 with zero down but it won’t be equipped the way you want it. In July, we leased a QX60 that was 55K for a true sign and drive at 519 and that one took a lot of work to get to.

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I was just trying to get an idea if doing a better equipped QX60 for $100 less per month than our current QX60 lease is even a possibility. We will owe around $1,500 in mileage plus the lease turn in fee, so if we could spend $100 less per month and have those fees waived, it would make sense to get another Infiniti vs potential buying something CPO or leasing a different brand. Which is why the post isn’t 100% dialed in just yet. More high level.

Jarret, thank for the feedback. I know the numbers change month to month, but that’s not a bad deal at all. I understand the model is being full redesigned for 2021, so hopefully it’s announced before 10/1 and they cut some deals on the 2020’s. The new one supposedly has similar screen technology to the new GLE which would be nice.

Well that depends on your lease term, tax rate, state fees, dealer fees, MF, etc. Anyone that is guessing is doing just that. Like the guy suggesting to roll money into a lease with a .00225 MF :man_facepalming:

Start playing with the calculator. Look up the RV/MF on Edmunds. Check the marketplace and shared deals sections.

Since you are over mileage, re-upping on a new Infiniti would offset some of that charge with the $500 forgiveness. You would also qualify for loyalty which would further lower your payments.

I suggest picking a moderately optioned QX60 for a super low payment (plenty of broker deals on here show that $300s is easy), then post it for transfer. Then you can get another car that is more updated.


@ampersand great idea! I didn’t even think of the transfer. Thanks.

Remember not to get a co-signer if you plan on doing a transfer. Infiniti won’t allow it.

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Infiniti/Nissan doesn’t release you from liability during a transfer so not something recommended.

A buddy just received a pull ahead offer directly from Infiniti for their ‘16 QX60. It was definitely targeted and NOT a dealer marketing ploy, so may be worth calling Infiniti and try to wiggle one for yourself.

If you can get a killer deal and get most of the miles forgiven, I feel like a QX60 is the way to go even though it’s outdated.


Britten, I didn’t realize they don’t release liability. I won’t do the transfer then. Infiniti called once, but really didn’t offer much. I agree, if I can save a few grand plus a lower monthly, it’s worth sticking with a brand new, but dated, Infiniti for a few more years.

It was a letter mailed to them… offered to eat the last 2 month payments and they would still be eligible for any loyalty incentives if they leased another Infiniti.

Call them and tell them you got the letter but “misplaced” it.

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That’s where having MSDs worked to my advantage. I found a buyer willing to put up $5K in MSDs on my last transfer and I was confident that they won’t do anything to jeopardize getting that back.

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That would certainly help but there was a story here where the new lessee passed away and the original person had to track down the car and explain to the family the situation to get the car back.

Although chances are small, I wouldn’t trust a $50K asset to some random person as the downsides are severe if anything goes wrong.

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Wish I could give you my miles. I’m 4k under on my QX60 lease and it’s up mid october!


@mooshoofooie I would gladly take them :slight_smile: Whatcha getting next?

That was a crazy story!

It’s here: