Infiniti Edition 30 cars debut at Pebble Beach for nearly whole lineup

Lipstick on a pig?


Same old infotainment, no Android Auto or CarPlay. Very sad 30th Anniversary for Infiniti.

I don’t get it. What exactly is different?

Infiniti says they all feature special dark chrome accents in the exterior grille surround, fender trim and a little around the rear end, as well. You’ll get black side mirrors, dark gunmetal gray wheels and a body color rear apron.

Right, but’s what’s actually different that they haven’t done in previous models?

Still no Apple CarPlay and that crappy infotainment.

But they didn’t fix the fact that theyre still crappy infiniti’s. Hopefully itll be their swan song and they’ll leave…

I was told 2020 should be coming with carplay!

Doesn’t help the 2019s and older models.

2021’s are the first model year to have it per an April 2018 announcement. Pretty lame it takes 3 model years to fix, considering Nissan Executives acknowledge this is a bug gap in their line-up and a top priority to get fixed.

Nissan executive’s comments point at an infotainment system similar to the one found in current Volvo and Tesla products, though it won’t arrive until 2021.

Interesting - only going off what our Infiniti stores told us.

Could this mean all new infotainment? (bigger screen like volvo + tesla?)

Sounds like it, here is the quote from one of the Exec’s
Francois Bancon, the brand’s vice president of product strategy, hinted the next-generation system will consist of a single, tablet-style screen that will continue to place a virtual boundary between the two groups of functions. The unit will replace most of the buttons, switches, and knobs currently on the center console, a packaging solution that reflects an ongoing trend in the automotive industry.

Here’s the article I’m referencing.

Interesting - Knowing Nissan/Infiniti either it’ll be really good or it’ll be technology for 2001

Also - I just simply meant carplay + Android Auto, I was told they’d have it 2020 (So before this entirely new system) but who really knows :man_shrugging:

They all Have Carplay and Android Auto Wireless except for the 2020 QX60 btw has been confirmed.