Infiniti 2020 QX60 LUXe with ProAssist and Theater

Hackers, let me know if this a good deal on 2020 QX60

**MSRP: $ 57335
**Selling Price: $ 46,496
**Monthly Payment: $ *495 including taxes
**zero DAS

**Incentives: VPP(tier A) Loyalty $1k

**Months: *39
**Annual Mileage: 10K
**Residual: *29,241

**Region: NY
**Leasehackr Score: 10.5

QX60, has a theatre optioon? Like the DVDS?

Yes dual headrests. I think its a waste but my daughter gets car sick and it helps a lot.

They’ve had that since 2013 when it was the JX35

Is there a way does anyone know for me to get the same deal locally? Im literally looking at the exact same car!


And thats a great deal, I had tem at 470 for a pure, No PA, no Theatre. Thats the car i want!!!

The most impressive part of the theater package in the qx60 is that they managed to mount black and white crt TVs in the headrests. The rabbit ears are the biggest challenge.

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I was shocked how behind the tech is. Doesn’t even play Blu-ray. But my son hooks up his ninendo switch and its fine.

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