Infiniti 2018 Q50, $280/mo including tax

Hi all,

How am I doing on this deal on a 2018 Infiniti q50
Msrp: $40,300
Selling price:$31,800
10k miles, 39 months
Due at signing: $1,500 (1st month , title/ license, acq fee)
Mf .00003
Rv 54%
So Cal
Monthly payment: $259/mo ($280 with tax)


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Which dealer is this from?

Is this the 2.0 or 3.0? If its 3.0 its a fantastic deal

Its the 3.0 model. It took a while for them to give me this pricing.

Thats a fantastic deal for a 3.0. I would assume its in Cali?

Please provide the dealer details