Infiniti 2017 q60 coupe. how is this deal? let me know

Dealer is offering 2017 q60 awd. 2.0t with premium plus package, driver assistance package for $500/month including tax with $500 down for 39 months lease 10k miles a year.
MSRP: 51400
price: 41440
residual 47%
MF: .00003

What do you guys think? This is my first lease. let me know how is this deal

Anyone? I would appreciate any advice. Please help

This is a terrible deal, you should walk.

Thank you. I will keep looking for other deals

Where are you based? I have one Q60 remaining.

Indianapolis. That q60 was 2017 2.0t. are you in indy? I would prefer q60 3.0 with adaptive cruise control if possible

Nah - I’m in NYC and can’t ship.

Suggest pushing dealer a bit. There’s some money left there, probably $40 or so / month.

Dealer wont reduce monthly paymetn at all. he said 500/month is minimum so i will jlust pass