Incorrect Mileage on CarFax upon lease return due to DMV mistake


I had my BMW since 2019 (lease); I brought it back to the dealer to return the lease a few weeks ago and the dealer pointed out that CarFAX had recorded a mileage for my car to be 85,000. However, the mileage on my car upon return was 31,500. We looked further into it and it appears that in 2021 when I transferred registration from NY to NJ the DMV at NJ incorrectly put 85,000 miles on the title. I actually serviced the car at BMW several months after registering it in NJ and have proof of the odometer that was recorded by the service team at BMW center. This was a leased car so I never caught this mistake as I never saw the title. I already returned the car, and reached out to CarFax to fix it providing them evidence from BMW service ; however, they are telling me they can’t fix it since it was registered this way on the title and I would have to fix it at NJ DMV. Not sure if I can/should be doing anything about this since I already returned the car and it was a lease. I don’t have access to the title as the bank holds it…any ideas?

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  1. Why do you care? It’s not your car, you returned it (I hope you checked for Equity first)
  2. The next owner will fix it when it’s registered to them.

Yea it was negative equity so I had to return it to the dealer. I guess I’m not sure what to expect from this error since I never dealt with anything like this before and don’t want any problems down the road.

Was it 85,000 on your odometer disclosure? That’s more important than carfax. If you didn’t get one, then go back and get it.

No, odometer disclosure when I returned the car said 31,500 (which was correct)

Then you are free and clear, if it said 85000 on that, well you just bought a 5,000 service fee…hehe
Don’t worry about carfax and let the next owner deal with it.

Thank you!

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