Inception fees and residual check for ram1500

I’m looking at an ok lease on a ram1500,
MSRP is 46975
Selling price 43000
Total cash rebates 10500
Mf 0.0014 marked up?

It looks ok to that point but then they have listed
Inception fees 1073 is this normal?
Acquisition fee 695 ok.
Residual 56%, where as on edmunds I think they give 58% for the 1500 big horn on a 24/12k this month so it could be 59% for 10k? Different bank I guess or can a dealer play with the residuals?

If the residual was 58 or 59% and the inception fee wasn’t there it would be a decent deal at 332/month and about 900 drive off with 6.25% tax.