Incentives - kia cadenza

Can someone help me make sense of this huge list of incentives for the '17 cadenza? I’m not really sure what all the terms mean (bonus cash, lease cash, dealer choice, standalone, etc.). Which of these stack on top of each other?

Nevermind, I think I figured it out.


@trud9340 Josh, if you figured it out, why not share that info for the benefit of the community? I’m sure others would like to know what stacks and what doesn’t, and others may chime in as well.

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Well I didn’t really get an official answer, but I just stared at the page long enough to get a grasp on it. There seem to be three lease incentives on the page (the rest apply to purchase). Loyalty, competitive, and bonus. They probably all stack, but only if you have multiple vehicles (one kia, and one competitor).
Most people would probably just get the bonus cash, and either competitive or loyalty. $2250 total or $3250 if you’re in the situation to take advantage of both.

Loyalty and competitive incentives usually DON’T stack with each other.

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Sometimes you can do a build at CarsDirect and it will show you which incentives stack. Its not 100% but sometimes it helps. Give it a try.

Go to the payment calculator on Kia website. It will show all incentives and will only let you choose ones that stack

Makes more sense on a Cadenza to lease it then immediately buy it out. With the disparity between purchase cash and lease cash it would be a much cheaper way to go.

Question…new to the site been lurking for a while reading the various posts and have really learned a lot so thanks for that…I was looking at the 2017 CadeNza leases…specifically the technology package.

Does it make sense to try and get 10% off MSRP before applying the almost $12,000 in lease incentives?

Is that the correct way to negotiate the deal?