Incentives applying to loaners

Do incentives apply to loaners in most cases? Specifically, I’m seeing incentives for 2018 X5s of $4,500, but they have to have less than 300 or 400 miles. 2017s have one for $3,000 with the same mileage restrictions. Is this ignored for all loaners (i.e – are loaners considered “new” for the purposes of the incentive discounts)?

If the loaner has 5000 or less miles, lease incentives will work. Some incentives don’t, however, work with loaners (OL certificates, Corp fleet are 2)

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All BMW incentives are good until 5000 miles. The only incentive that gets cut is corporate fleet after 300 miles. You can look at New cars as demos/loaners in most cases when it comes to incentives. The reason they would ever show any other upfront incentive is because they might be possibly trying to hit a bonus for the month on selling new cars.

2017 X5 $3,000 lease credit and $1,000 Loyalty credit


Is there a max mileage that BMW sets for a loaner to be allowed to lease as a 2017? I am seeing a few loaners in my area between 6000 and 10,000 miles. Just wanted to know if there was a cap here.

7500 is the max, but after 5000 miles they get hit with an additional 4% residual cut, and the incentives don’t apply. So makes it extremely unattractive for leasing after 5000.

Found used 2018 BMW X4 with less than 4K miles at BMW dealer. They indicate this its a “used” vehicle vs loaner/demo therefore incentives do not apply. Do you have loaner/demo X4 or X5’s still available?

Follow-up question on incentives – has anyone notice the separate $2,000 and $500 cash back Corporate Sales Program incentives up on BMW right now?

They both have the same disclaimer, but the $2,000 says “$2,000 Cash Back On Select BMW Models” and the $500 says “Corporate Sales Offer : $500 Cash Back On Select BMW Models”. Minor difference and both are filed under 2018 BMW X5 when you search for incentives. I’m wondering if my company is indeed a part of the Corp Sales Program, can I stack both of these to apply to a lease (theoretically)?

It’s most likely 2,000 for a buy, 500 for a lease.

Yah we have plenty. it may have been a lease then a voluntary repo. So since it has had a registered owner, you can not sell the car as a lease anymore.

We have 15 Demo/loaner X4’s and X5’s Link to my center’s website:
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Message me if you have any specific questions

What about USAA? Are there mileage limitations with that?