Incentive + transfer fee covered - Mercedes Benz C43 AMG - (Lease Transfer) MSRP $66,570 / $714 month / 15k miles a year

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG
Location: Corona / Eastvale, CA

MSRP: 66,570
Monthly payment: $769 including tax (Riverside county)
$714.13 before taxes

Current mileage: 14,500
Maturity mileage: 45,071
Maturity date: March 2022

MSD due (if any): NONE

Financial institution: MB Financial
Transfer fee: $695

Car is in great condition!!!
Amazing car, it includes the AMG Exhaust and all the premiums from an AMG package.


See more pictures in a post below

Very nice car! Congratulations on that bad boy!
Maybe someday I will be able to afford an AMG :slight_smile:

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Good deal should go quick.

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I really hope so!
I am moving and can only have 1 car. It’s an amazing car to drive.

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It is $714.13 before taxes

Such a beautiful beast!

Hello Everyone. This beast still available. I had one interested and Mercedes took couple days longer than what he and I expected and needed a car asap. For this reason, car is now available again

Is everyone running into issues with delays at MBFS?

I just completed a MBFS lease transfer last month. Process from start to finish took 6 weeks and both parties were very prompt on paperwork. I’ve done two prior lease transfers with Mercedes and it took about 4 weeks each time. One of the delays was Mercedes waiting on the NY state dmv for tax purposes so it may vary by what state you are in. Best case scenario I’d say minimum 3 weeks start to finish if everyone quickly does their part.

Thank you for the information. I had a transfer in process and they took 14 days to get the first batch of paperwork sent to me. But by then, the person interested could not wait longer and they needed a car asap and they backed out.

Although that is on the high end I’d say unfortunately that is just going to be around how long it takes them. Would be nice to get a little faster service for a $600 transfer fee.

Hi Any idea on cost to transport to NY ?

Hello. I have no clue actually

Can you call me 212-203-7818 Wey

I’m paying $1050 to transport from Boston to Indianapolis. That’s an enclosed transport. I’ve done two other car transfers with that company and had good luck with them, but it’s going to be expensive going from coast to coast. PM me if you want their information.

Car still available…more on MBFS taking longer than expected and others getting declined to take over.

What credit scores has MBFS been looking for?

From what I have known is 650 or higher

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There is no way Mercedes approved with a 650. From everything posted on this forum they are more strict on transfers requiring the person assuming the lease to have as good or better credit then the initial leasee