In need of an SUV

My lease on my Honda will be up next month, so I am trying to figure out what my next vehicle will be. I’ve narrowed my list to three of my favorites which are:

  1. Kia Telluride
  2. Volvo XC60
  3. Acura RDX (A-Spec)

I was wondering if anyone had any input on which vehicle you think I should go with, and also what I could get within my budget.

My ideal monthly payment would be around $450, and I really don’t want to put any more than $1k down.

Look forward to your input, and thanks in advance.

Definitely go with Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

  1. Kia Telluride - Great car, overpriced
  2. Volvo XC60 - safe, but boring
  3. Acura RDX (A-Spec) - terrible reliability per consumer reports + ridiculous infotainment
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Definitely not a telluride


What is your reasoning behind this? Just curious

Nope, not the Telluride and Palisades.
Korean auto industry is down currently.

Because you won’t get one for $450/mo with $1k das unless it’s super base model (and even then probably not)


Doesn’t lease well, mllcb did a palisade deal and knows them best.

Volvo XC60 is probably doable on a loaner in ny tri state, so is a v60cc especially with a Costco membership.

Ok, thanks. Didn’t realize they leased so badly. Are there any good SUV’s you’d recommend for my price range.

base model doesn’t even have power seats

The xc60 is a great choice

In that size segment of large SUV of Telluride and Palisade, the XC60 is a different beast at two rows. Honda Passport would work, Acura RDX A Spec I’d say probably not to, I haven’t seen anything close to 450 1k down, but who knows till you run the numbers.

Do you need three rows? XC60 is my and probably mllcb’s recommendation for anything you listed. Honda Passport is doable, better with loyalty.

Edit: Mllcb says Passport is doable, I defer to him.

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Easily doable. I’m paying about $380/mo for my wife’s ex-l passport and prices have definitely came down since I got that one.

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