I'm going to get banned from TTAC

Read the comments section…

When it comes to leasing, I cannot let awful advice and incorrect comments go unanswered :man_facepalming:


“As long as we’re discussing terrible options, another option would be dumping gasoline in it and lighting it on fire…”




I got so worked up over his horrible ideas (after claiming that ‘leasing isn’t that hard to understand’) that I actually totally skipped over him suggesting at the end to negotiate the buyout with the dealer :man_facepalming::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: I didn’t read it until he brought it up in the comments.


I don’t see why or how you can possibly get banned. You have made valid and correct statements.

Oh, and I LOL’d at the setting the car on fire part too :slight_smile:


I’ve been banned from that site before for being “argumentative”, aka pointing out things in articles that were incorrect or misleading.

But that was way back in the day of Robert Farago who had a, uh, heavy handed way of running his site.


“There’s alllll sorts of ways that the dealer could have hidden that negative equity on your car to make a new car deal happen.”


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That was a tough read.

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I remember reading TTAC in middle school, along with random forums like Cheers & Gears and Autopia Carcare, where I’d argue with internet strangers about car wax and whether the Chevy Cobalt (remember that?) is better than a Jetta.

Now LH has more traffic than all of those sites. :laughing:


I feel the same way about the Car Buying content on Jalopnik, but I guess they’re aiming for a much more general audience.


The answer is always a Delica

I really appreciated this part



Lol responded to it before I read your take. Mine was basically the same :sweat_smile:

Baruth is going at me with straw man arguments. Not sure why he can’t just say ‘oh thanks for correcting me, I was mistaken, I’ll update the post!’

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Yeah I’m done with this fool.


Because owning a depreciating asset that’s In jeopardy any time it moves is smart?


I own 3 of them! Thankfully one is appreciating and another is already fully depreciated :sweat_smile:

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I mean buying new cars though. Buying someone else’s financial mistake can be smart if you can mitigate the upkeep costs. Otherwise…

Haha I know. It only makes sense because I have a garage full of tools and know how to/enjoy using them. Otherwise the $20 tie rod becomes a $220 half day dealer visit…

If my Accord had a decent MF when I bought it like they do now, I probably would have leased it - even knowing that I put 25k/yr on it and intend to keep it long term. The acq fee is like depreciation insurance.

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So true. Their resident “car buying expert” is a D-list broker at best. His articles always give me a good eye roll.


That as a long commenting section to go through but I’m finally through with it.
That was some nice back and forth😀

If only such articles could be voted up or down to be hidden from public forever😀

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All that to save the $495 disposition fee, huh? You just know that the person who thinks they are being clever and avoiding it is going to somehow roll it into a new lease in a way that it costs them 10x as much, while walking away feeling smug about it.