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Hi All,

We deal with all types of brands such as: Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Volvo, Nissan, Land Rover, Lamborghini, etc. Im always trying to branch out to other brands however! We work with local dealers in the area so theres no need to deal with the hassle of shipping. We’ll also try and meet our clients at the dealership once they’re ready to sign just to make sure everything goes smoothly, and to put a face to the name :slight_smile:

How does the process work?

Once we’ve picked a few target cars:

We’ll spend a few days working/researching, trying to get you the best deal we can, and present it to you. If you decide to accept, a credit app will be sent to you (not necessary but saves a lot of time) From there we’ll schedule a time to go in, we’ll make sure the car and paperwork is ready in advance. Once you’ve signed the paperwork, we ask you pay our fee of $350.

Trying to make it easy and painless as possible!

8/10/2018 Update:
Due to some people I will be implementing a non-refundable $150 “retainer” fee. I will charge this fee before I get any actual quotes and/or complete breakdowns! The fee will be deducted out of the total $350 due.

This is due to some of my clients using my numbers/breakdowns and trying to get them matched on their own or as close as possible to them just so they can cut me out!

I will still happily give ballpark numbers and advice for free!

If you have any questions please feel free to text/call me at: 224-616-8158
Or email me at: or (personal email)


Raffay helped me out by scoring a great deal on a Chevy Equinox LT with the Confidence package (24/12K) 23 payments of $205/month. My sister reached out to me for help, since I am known as the “car guy” in the family, but I didn’t have time to help out. So Raffay went out of his way to help us not only get a good deal but make the process super smooth remotely. This was in Minneapolis, MN. Communication was a breeze… would highly recommend Raffay!


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hello hello hello.

fresh new lurker here but finally a member. i contacted Raffay earlier on Tuesday of this week for a new ride. he asked me what i was looking for and i gave him a list of 8 cars. we were able to narrow it down to 3-4 cars after a couple emails back and forth. i told him that i’ll be ready to buy within a two week window.

earlier on monday, the day before, i did a test drive on a $12k Kia. The payments would’ve been $265. And at the end of the day, end of the loan rather, i would’ve owned a basic ass base model Kia. what a fun way to live, right? i knew that this wasn’t how life was supposed to be.

every weekend i’ve been renting cars at $80-130 per week, and getting a car would be my solution to cut that nonsense out. but damn, ride a basic ass kia for 4+ years? this can’t be life.

i didn’t wanna pay another $130 for a shitty rental this coming weekend so i told Raf let’s get this shit done! in less than 48 hours, i am now the leaseholder to a 2018 Infiniti QX30 Premium AWD for 39 months, 10K miles per year @ $315. leather seats. moon roof. bose system. a bunch of bells and whistles that i don’t care for, but bells and whistles that’ll jingle bell my ass to a comfortable sleep tonight!

he even came to the dealership to shake my hand and make sure the signing went smoothly. from the moment i got to the dealership, i was out the door in 30 minutes.

thank you, Raffay. you hooked a brother up, big time! i can attest to Raffay’s ability to broker dealers in Chicago. i know who i’ll be calling for my next whip. Big Raf.


Got me a XC90 - Was very helpful and patient with my indecisiveness. Thanks again man!


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Raffay is the man! He helped me score a great lease deal ($470/month with first month due at signing) on the new Volvo XC40’s. He was extremely patient and was always upfront with his status. This also includes being transparent on if a deal was good or not and if a dealer was acting suspicious. In the end he was able to find me a great deal on a fully loaded Momentum XC40 (premium package, vision package, heated front seats and steering wheel, multimedia package, 19 inch wheels, roof rails, and metallic paint) and did all of the leg work for me. He even offered to drive 2 hours to pick me up from the local airport and drive me to the dealership. All I had to do was go to the dealership, sign the contract, and walk off with a new car. Would recommend Raffay to anyone who is considering getting a new car and wants a good deal! Thanks again for your help!


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Perfect! I’d love to hear from you whenever you’re ready!!

Also to add to leasehunters post, XC40 MSRP was: $43,800, 36/12k, $470/Mo with $470 drive off! Its hard to find a place that has them in stock currently!


Contacted Raffay 2-3 weeks ago to discuss a few options. There was a lot of back and forth but he was very knowledgeable and courteous. Answered all of my questions and even did some legwork for me. In the end I didn’t use him bc a deal basically fell into my lap but for sure I’ll be using him on my next lease - probably this summer!


Hi all,

After reading reviews here, I decided to give Raffay a call. During our initial phone ‘consult’ he was thoroughly patient, informative, and keen to details. At the time, I had a few SUV/CUV’s in mind, (CRV/MDX/CX9/Highlander) but hadn’t the full knowledge behind how leases worked or the cost involved in leasing; rather than take a stab in the dark and possibly lose my ass on several hundred/thousands, I decided to employ Raffay’s professional services.

After a week of back-forth via phone, text, email…Raffay was able to assist me in getting me what I want, at the price-point I was okay with. This past Wednesday (May 23rd) my wife and I walked away with a black/black 2018 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid w/ Tech package and could not be any happier!

Anyone who is in the market to EITHER finance/lease a vehicle, should absolutely contact Raffay. His pricing is super reasonable, his attentiveness to his client’s needs, his reach with local dealerships, and his patience is unbelievable. From start-to-finish I have not one complaint, and this experience has forged a relationship that will last some time -absolutely going to use his services when my 36/15k is up for my next go-around.




Raffay was honest, communicated well, and was knowledgeable. I’d recommend him if you’re in the Midwest.


I used Ralph in May and he helped me get into an Alfa Romeo Stelvio at $399 (sign and drive, 24/10K, 46K MSRP). He was clear in setting expectations and walked me through many options and stayed with me until everything was done.

I was so comfortable with Ralph and in and out of the dealership in under 1 hour. Won’t ever buy or lease a car without him there.

August Update: I have now used Ralph on 4 occasions, Shortly after getting my Alfa Romeo Giulia he helped in the negotiations and got me a once in a lifetime deal on a Giulia Ti ($319, sign and drive, 24/10K, 47K MSRP).

My brother worked with Ralph and was able to get a p1 performance mercedes C300 at $350 w/ MSDs (first month and MSDs due at signing, 47K MSRP)

MY cousin is actively working with him and extremely pleased with the experience. I have recommended him to friends and family and look forward to continued good experiences with him.


I did not know Raphy is getting crazy good deals like this. @ralphsaphony you gotta step up your marketing efforts


The reviews will hopefully speak for themselves!


Contacted @ralphsaphony back to May for a BMW X1 but didn’t get though, gave me one quote then no follow-up afterwards. However it might be due to I was being a bit pushing on timeline, didn’t give him enough time back then. Based on those reviews, I am willing to try again with Raffay to get another lease in next two months, will PM.


That’s my fault and I do apologize!

To everyone:
If you have reached out, and I have not followed up I am very sorry! Sometimes things get a bit hectic, it’s no excuse and I will try to do better going forward!


@ralphsaphony is a great broker if you’re looking to score a deal in the Illinois area. I reached out to him for my cousin who was in the market for a new SUV. She originally wanted an X5 or an MDX, but Raffay steered her into a new 2018 Volvo XC90 at 13% off.

Despite losing one car we initially wanted to go after, Raffay made every attempt to find a replacement XC with the same packages and options.

Raffay was responsive and made sure to meet my cousin at the dealer to make sure things went smoothly (which was great since I couldn’t be there). My cousin is super happy with the XC and going with Raffay made the process way more bearable given his connects with area dealers.


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@ralphsaphony was awesome to work with. To give a little background, I personally enjoy negotiating with dealerships, as Sales is both my profession and passion. Having someone handle car buying negotiations on my behalf was a new experience and I did not know what to expect. I had conducted a lot of research beforehand and knew what a “good deal” on the Q5 should look like. Raffay exceeded my expectations and found me what I would call a “great deal”.

I reached out to Raffay to let him know I was looking to move fast on a 2018 Audi Q5 Premium Plus, he jumped right in. Within a few days, he had offers for me to consider, and not just the typical dealer’s “First Offers”, they were solid. He danced a little bit with dealerships and ultimately found a great deal. How great of deal? Well…
11% of MSRP + $2,100 in rebates. The overall discount to MSRP was ~15%, with the base MF and only $200 down to cover document fees.

If you are thinking about using Raffay, just go for it. His fee is nominal and easily pays for itself in the additional savings he can get you. Communication was great and he met me at the dealership when I came in to sign the paperwork. Everything was ready to go and went smooth.


That’s one of the best deals I have seen on a Q5. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.