If you were me, what would you do?

Get Audi affinity, get a dealer to honor it get etron. Moved from 2019 beta car to 22 etron. Feels very solid. Range is not an issue if you have 40amp plug at home. Get a loan from fedchoice at 1.49%.

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Cap of $25k transaction price.


Option 1: MY P, get it in about two months, likely during the Sept EOQ rush

Option 2: Subaru


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i think you can use the Tesla

I would have already bought the outback instead of renting. And then get on the Tesla discord to snag a Y. I have a friend in a similar situation, wanting to sell his 2020 Model 3 and get a new one but might need a car inbetween

At what price?

I have a couple dealers willing to do MSRP. They have a lot of vehicles and I’m interested in a Premium Plus, which seems to be in lower demand than Chronos.

So, a salvage Tesla Model S, with 175K miles on it.

Call @Samaudibh about etron pricing. Not sure if you’re in so cal or nor cal though.

option 3…….

That sounds pretty expensive compared to $22,500 in rebates in the past. That coupled with favorable RV and MF meant a payment of around $400 plus tax for a P+.

Which translates to a TCO on a 36m lease of around $15-16,000.

Today you’re probably looking at 35-40,000+ TCO regardless of whether you purchase or lease.

While no one has a time machine that’s just too much of a hike to justify IMO.

Bloom off the rose already??? ::sigh::

Back to the topic…

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Yeah, that makes sense. It’s a tough pill to swallow when you consider the “intangibles” that come with the Tesla such as the supercharger network and mobile service. Maybe if I was getting a screaming deal on an e-tron, I’d be more excited about taking that route.

Option 2 should be “Buy a new or demo Tesla from the Discord” by @ilike2breakthngs


This is good feedback. It’s funny that the CVT got brought up because that was actually one of the most off-putting things about my test drive. The CVT hadn’t “learned” my driving style yet, and it was just all over the place. We do have an Ascent in the family, so I’m familiar with the Subaru CVT with that engine, but the Ascent’s transmission is definitely tuned to account for the extra 500 to 600 pounds that vehicle is carrying at the curb (more if fully loaded).

Also agree with your point about the suspension. I find it perfect for my needs, then again most of my miles are flat, straight NorCal highways (except in the Sierras).

I found your post about the Limited XT - that blue is a great color. Might strive to find one in that color for myself. :eyes:


If you are warming up backup plans, you can do worse. I’d get the VIP cert and order one, they just switched to the 2023s and order lead time is back up, even though it’s built in Indiana. Was roughly a month, now 2-3 months. Check the marketplace too, some brokers around the country have started discounting.

Many people find the 2.5 NA sufficient, it’s not under powered, but I find it just enough. Those have the other CVT in them. XT is recommended for towing so it has a different slush box. it drives different/better imho after just 1000 miles of learning. It’s also a contraption whose software benefits from constant diddling and updating and rebooting. EyeSight works pretty well, but it’s like driving a yappy astromech, constantly blinking and beeping and momentarily offline and look at the road. There is a CCU update scheduled for tomorrow.

Subaru Blues are great, but all the colors look good on it. Not every car can claim that.

Etron owner for over a year now with 19k miles here and my NY city range is around 220-250 miles plus I live in a condo with no personal access to a home charger. Strictly charge at EA stations. Charging speeds been good. MY is rated 322 miles but tesla does not recommend charging past 90% and if you factor HVAC useability you’ll be near 260 mile in that car. Fit and finish in the Audi is better, straight line performance in MY(P) is obviously better but the the Audi etron S trim is catching up. I snagged my 2021 Etron when dealers couldn’t find buyers for one last year today your are paying top dollar for one. Audi Etron S is about $88-90k. Personally I’d find a low 50s msrp Polestar 2 and take advantage of the free 2 year charging and tax credits.

I would not go back to ICE as much as the Subbie good on paper is.